Program Resources

Program Resources in one library - is a dedicated resource site that provides a wide library of reference materials, tools and guides.

We highly recommend you take some time to explore the site, and make use of its many really excellent resources.

Listed below are some key resources we've released and referenced over the past 18 months.

Youth Leading / Adult Supporting

Below is a selection of a handful of useful Youth Leading / Adult Supporting documents. These, any many more can be found on the site.

Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)

The OAS encourages a '2 up / 2 down' youth peer assessment process, mentored and supported by a suitably qualified adult.

This table highlights the qualification an adult should have to mentor a particular OAS Stage.

OAS Progression Book

This OAS Progression Book lists each of the skills (i-statements) that Scouts demonstrate in order to work through the OAS Area Stages.

This resource is only available as a hard-copy and can be purchased by Queensland leaders from the National Online Scout Shop (

The content of this handbook can also be found within Scouts | Terrain

Adventurous Activities Example Log Book

A great example of an Adventurous Activities Log Book can be found here

OAS Log Book and Verification Table

Individual OAS Tracking Sheet - Template

This can be printed and used to record keep an individuals progress through all of the OAS Stages. It should be used in conjunction with the OAS Pioneer Handbook (above)

editable version (.xlsx)

Special Interest Areas (SIA)

Adult's Guide to the Special Interest Areas

Planning Tool - Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts

Planning Tool - Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts

SIA Planning Flowchart

SIA Fact Sheets

SIA Wall Posters