Welcome to the Full (new) Youth Program

After years of research, development, consultation, testing, trialing & fine tuning involving thousands of our Scouting community - it's finally here:

The Full Youth Program is now live in Queensland

As of April 1st, we've released the final elements of the nYP into Queensland, meaning we can all now start to move towards embracing the nYP in full throughout our day to day programs.

The nYP is made up of many different exciting elements that build on each other - each designed to increase the fun, adventure, challenge & inclusiveness in our program.

We encourage everyone - Leaders, Scouts, parents and supporters to explore the elements throughout this website and the available resources.

You'll notice right away that our language has changed.

As we've now released the nYP in full, it will start to replace our current program in full over our period of transition. The new becomes the normal, and what we've known becomes the old.

And so from here the 'New Youth Program' simply becomes 'The Youth Program', and our current program will become 'The Old Program'.

For a little while, we'll use '(new) Youth Program' or 'nYP', just to keep the difference clear throughout this site.

our new digital system is here!

Scouts | Terrain, the new online record keeping and programming tool is now available for all Scouts and Leaders in Queensland!

A COVID-19 Message

Within a very short period, Scouting across Australia (and the world) has moved to meet the challenge of COVID-19, ensuring our Program continues to be delivered to Scouts by moving online and other creative approaches .

We're still open for business, just in a different way

(link to Chief Commissioner of Australia, Phil Harrison)

Resources and tools can be found at the Scouting@Home website.

Recognising the adjustments we're all making to accommodate this new and changing landscape, we felt it right to also adjust our approach to the roll-out of the final stage of the nYP implementation in Queensland. We understand that as always our Leaders, Scouts, Parents, and Supporters must be focused on staying safe and well, and supporting our new way of Scouting. and so, while still holding to our implementation plan, we'll think of April 1 as the 'soft launch' of the final pieces of the (new) Youth Program implementation in Queensland.

This means that while we'll continue to release the information, literature and content on the New Youth Program, we understand that the actual transition for many will be held until we return to meeting face to face. We'll also move some of the information sharing away from face to face group sessions to online modes, including dial in sessions.

Our hope is that releasing the final content will allow an opportunity for many to read, absorb, and ask questions on the exciting new elements, use as much as we can while online and be ready to fully jump in once we return face to face. It's also a great time to continue focus on the elements previously released over the past 18 months, which could form great program topics and training conversations in our virtual meetings.

The New Youth Program is incredibly adaptable, and many are already embracing its elements in our new virtual world:

    • The Fundamentals guide us no matter how and where we are Scouting

    • The Special Interest Areas allow for exciting projects both individual and collaborative - the sky is the limit!

    • The Outdoor Adventure Skills are skills based - we can continue honing our skills and working towards many of the i-statements from home - ready to be assessed by a peer virtually or when we return to face to face

    • The Program Essentials are based on Participation, Assisting and Leading activities in our program - even if online

Thank you for all you are doing to support Scouting, each other, and our Community. What matters most is that we Stay Safe, Stay Well, and Keep on Scouting.



Starting in April 2020

Learn About the ELEMENTS OF THE FULL New Youth Program

The Fundamentals & Programming

The Achievement Pathways

Videos & Resources


If you need some help navigating the The (new) Youth Program, please feel free to reach out to your Region nYP Ambassadors below:

Far North Region

Liam Tessaro

Kennedy Region

Marcus Phelps

Central Coast Region

Nikki McWhinney

Central & Western Region

Alice Southey

Brisbane North Region

Jenny Annand

Hsien-Jin Teoh

Emma Storie

Russell Davie

Brisbane South Region

Kate Rimon

Darling Downs Region

Christopher Johnson

Ceinwen McKindley

Leanne Fitzgerald

Gold Coast Region

Michelle Tuskin

Moreton Region

Alex Mair (Region Commissoner)

Northern Moreton Region

Jack Neeland

Suncoast Region

Jenny Grant

Wide Bay-Burnett Region

Christine Smith

South Eastern Region

Mark Tarman


This site is full of great resources, information, background and updates. is a dedicated resource site that provides a wide library of reference materials, tools and guides.

We highly recommend you take some time to explore the site, and make use of its many really excellent resources.

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If you don't have access to a Region store, the Scout Shop is your portal to the nYP books, resources and badges

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The Scouts Australia website is always listing new information and news about the New Youth Program.

The new Scouts Australia branding takes us into the exciting future of Scouting. This site helps us to use our new collateral consistently and correctly.