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Too often we believe that everything can be sorted out if only we can think of the right solution. In trusting our mind, we lose awareness of the wider picture and become exhausted, frustrated and stressed when things don't work out. We deplete our vital resources and can end up ill and burnt out. However using gentle exercise and meditation, we can learn to look after ourselves and improve our lives.

In Qigong, you are encouraged to develop perception of your body and the world around you. Your awareness expands and eventually you will find that you engage with yourself and situations mindfully. You'll feel calmer, even happier!


Online Zoom classes are held on a weekly basis. Tuesdays for students in my local area (Stutton, Tadcaster, Clifford, Boston Spa, Bramham, Wetherby etc) and Wednesdays for Leeds classes.

6.45 to 8.00pm, movement then meditation, £5 per class

Single charge allows you to attend live using Zoom and/or get a recording to use for a week.

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