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Too often we believe that everything can be sorted out if only we can think of the right solution. In trusting our mind, we lose awareness of the wider picture and become exhausted, frustrated and stressed when things don't work out. We deplete our vital resources and can end up ill and burnt out. However using gentle exercise and meditation, we can learn to look after ourselves and improve our lives.

In Qigong, you are encouraged to develop perception of your body and the world around you. Your awareness expands and eventually you will find that you engage with yourself and situations mindfully. You'll feel calmer, even happier!

CLASSES online and live


I continue to teach on Zoom. Feedback has been positive! The online classes are open to anyone, anywhere. They're suitable for you if you're looking for clear teaching and explanation of qigong, not just being shown a movement. This is the way to really learn qigong.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6.45 to 8.00pm, movement then meditation, £5 per class. Also Friday morning 9.45am to 11am.

Single charge allows you to attend live using Zoom and/or get a recording to use for a week.


There is a regular class in Stutton, Tadcaster on Mondays 4 to 5pm and occasional classes at Adel (on Saturdays usually). Please let me know if you want to be informed when an Adel class is coming up. Reasonable price for workshop quality teaching.

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Try out a short lesson on Youtube first, if you like. I chose this sequence particularly for calming but actually, my students usually feel more relaxed after any class!

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