QCTLC Track Enhancement Programme

Your pass fee contributes to QCT sustainability and assists with ongoing maintenance and enhancement projects. Together with the Department of Conservation, we continue to improve the access, safety, and enjoyment of the QCT. Thank you!

Seat and view point between Bay of Many Coves and Black Rock Camp.

Toilet installed at Te Mahia Saddle.

2 seats at Double View.

Picnic table built at Eatwells.

Double table at Anakiwa Lookout.

1 of 10 location sign markers. Shamrock Ridge.

Seat at Gatenby Gulch.

ANZAC memorial seat at Torea Saddle.

Landmark signs at Eatwell's Lookout.

Second table below Shamrock Ridge.

Seat at Landhaven.

Seat at Fitz's Folly.

Seat at Nikau View.

Tables at Waima Way rest area.

Picnic table at Black Rock.

2 table rest areas between Te Mahia and Torea Saddle.

View point creation by clearing trees and bush.

Hand Carved Landowner Signage Markers

Second table at Waima Way.