How to Purchase a QCTLC Pass

Buy online right here!

Buy now and receive a MacPac voucher and 10% off your Interislander trip to or from the North Island.

After payment, click at bottom of Paypal payment page to return to this web site for your vouchers.

Your support helps in the maintenance and improvement of the QCT. Please respect the land made available for your enjoyment by this special public/private partnership. Thank you and enjoy the track!

School Children Free.


Valid for 1 day. Non-transferable.


Valid for up to 5 consecutive days. Non-transferable.


Valid for one year from date of issue. Non-transferable.


Once purchased contact us at to receive 4 hard copy Season Passes. NZ resident bach owners only.

OR pay with BPay

Account #: 38-9010-0188044-00

(Vouchers not available with BPay)

Day and Multi-Day Pass: Carry BPay receipt of payment while on QCT.

One Year Bach Pass: Email us your name and address and we will send you the pass.​

You can also purchase a QCTLC Pass at the following locations:

*Pass holders accept full responsibility to use the track at their own risk. Enjoy the track!

Important safety info:

Water: No drinking water is available on the track. Please carry adequate water with you. All campsite water requires boiling or proper filtration.

Toilets: Permitted in designated areas only. Leave no trace- cover your waste!

Camping: Permitted in designated areas only.

Mountain Biking: Allowed year round, except between Ship Cove and Kenepuru Saddle, which is closed in the busy summer season (1st December and 28th February). E biking is allowed, but speed restrictions apply. Please see DOC web site for details.