Welcomed Crossings, weary traveler!

Welcome to the Lodestone, home to the elusive House Pyxis

We are the House that travels the farthest, the House that endures risks the most, the House that braves the unknown...

We know the ways all others have ignored and we continue to find more of them every waking moment. We are discoverers and explorers and as such value our freedom above all else. Even our Home travels through the stars, our families ever far apart, but never out of our hearts.

“No one ever finds a Pyxis, they find you.”

An old saying that to this day still brings pride in the heart of any Pyxis and rings ever more true. A Pyxis can be found in the most peculiar of places, doing the strangest of things, but only if they want to be seen. The Pyxis hold great appreciation for those that do find them, as they admire the spirit of adventure, exploration and freedom in any, not just themselves.

"A single Pyxis, more than a thousand tales"

The life of a Pyxis is filled with perilous exploration, curious encounters and fascinating experiences. Even from a young age the lessons of a thousand lives are passed down through the stories we tell, inspiring us to reach ever growing heights. We revere the wisdom of our house and the tales these create; hence, a Pyxis will never be found without a story to tell, be it their own or an ancient classic.

“The Lodestone, the hearth and Home of our exploration”

As any Pyxis will know, we cannot stand still. Our hearts and Soul are ever moving, and so is our Base of Operations. The Lodestone, an unknowable ruin of fantastic potential and wonder, became our home after the legendary Granny Pyxis discovered it over eighty years ago, before moving on to found Pyxis in the discovery's wake. Even with it's substantial size, the House has barely scraped the surface of it's enticing mysteries, and dive deeper into it's perious depths each day. It is the greatest symbol of the Pyxis spirit, as it is ever "wandering" the endless void of space.

No matter how strange, confusing, or absurdly dangerous, it might be, the Lodestone is at the heart of all Pyxis, and the House can rest easy knowing they may always return Home.

“A house built on empathy and wisdom”

Our long journeys through the far reaches of space have taught us to listen, to learn to understand and not to condemn. We take care of our own and while we won’t often be seen going out of our way help, we do good where we can. We learned to commune with the aliens and the humans alike, and expanded our horizons by doing so. House Pyxis believes in violence only when necessary, and scorns meaningless conflict based on hatred or selfishness.