The Just Energy Circle envisions more equitable energy policy and clean energy solutions that benefit everyone.

Just Energy Circle

The Just Energy Circle (JEC), anchored by the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE), is an inspiring, values-driven collaborative that builds power with communities and encourages participation in developing clean energy solutions that benefit everyone.

Anchored and convened by Partnership for Southern Equity, JEC is working to transform the way that energy planning and production happens in the American South.

Against the backdrop of global climate change, “energy equity” translates into the fair distribution of benefits and burdens from energy production and consumption. Utilized as a framework for mobilizing advocacy around energy equity issues, Just Energy represents an equity ecosystem of front-line communities, subject-matter experts, houses of worship, youth movements and academia organizing together to engage marginalized communities and communities of color about the sourcing and commodification of power generation in Georgia. While unfamiliar to many residents, those policies significantly impact household economic stability and impinge upon the overall quality of air, water, and other natural resources that affect our health and well-being.

Our Circle seeks to inspire new, diverse, authentic leadership that is recognized in prominent decision-making positions in both civic and private sectors. We aim to establish structures that ensure clean energy opportunities are available to all, including low-income protections, fair prices, freedom from negative health impacts, enterprise, and access to thriving wage employment. We represent an equity ecosystem of diverse business, political, and community representation and interests. We believe that this approach is the future of the sustainability movement and that the future of our communities is dependent upon “Just Energy” for all.


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