The Just Energy Circle, anchored by the Partnership for Southern Equity, is a values-driven coalition of advocacy groups, grassroots organizations, community leaders, and academics working in concert to advance just energy policy across the American South.

The Just Energy Circle (JEC) is working towards a more equitable and just transition to clean energy across the American South.

Representing a diverse coalition of leaders from frontline communities, grassroots and civil rights organizations, subject-matter experts, houses of worship, youth leaders and academia, the JEC is organizing and engaging marginalized communities and communities of color around the sourcing and commodification of power generation in the south. While unfamiliar to many residents, equity-centered energy and utility policies significantly enhance household economic stability and improve the overall quality of air, water, and other natural resources that affect our health and well-being.

Our Circle seeks to inspire new, diverse, authentic leadership that is recognized in prominent decision-making positions in both civic and private sectors. We aim to establish structures that ensure clean energy opportunities are available to all, including low-income protections, fair prices, freedom from negative health impacts, enterprise, and access to thriving wage employment. We represent an equity ecosystem of diverse business, political, and community representation and interests. We believe that this approach is the future of the sustainability movement and that the future of our communities is dependent upon “Just Energy” for all.


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JEC Overview Sides

Just Energy Circle Team

Chandra Farley

Just Energy DirectorCo-ChairJEC Policy & Advocacy Committee

Alicia Scott

Just Energy ManagerCo-ChairJEC Executive Committee

Blythe Coleman-Mumford

Just Energy CoordinatorCo-ChairJEC Education & Action Committee