PS 889 Parent Association

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What is the PA?

We are a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to enriching the school environment for our children. The PA's role is to advocate for students and families, keep them informed about the school and its activities, raise money for student enrichment programs, and plan and host events that all families can enjoy.

We are a volunteer organization and all 889 parents/caregivers are automatically members! We encourage you to be involved in the PA by joining
a committee, chairing or volunteering at an event, and attending our monthly
meetings. NO amount of help or involvement is too small!


PA Executive Board Officers

Co-Presidents: Jessica Aujero & Brian Rubin-Sowers
Co-VPs of Communications: Chris Ninman
Treasurer: Alison Silberman
Assistant Treasurer: Laura Vert
Recording Secretary: Tanya Huelett
VP of Events: Keisha Magnus and Alana Ruiz
VP of Fundraising: LisaMarie Collins
SLT: Kristen Edwards, Lucy Mackinnon, Megan Tefft