PrymaL ProductionZ is a Marketing, Promotions, Research, and Consultant company. A company focused on assisting the development of an Organization, Individual or Brand with Groundbreaking, Creative, and Innovative approaches toward Marketing Strategies and Implementation Concepts.


Promoting Positive Self-Reflection, Entertainment, And Community Growth Within The Entertainment Industry.

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, to parents both enlisted within the United States Armed Forces, Army division to be exact, 'The Wolf' developed an extensively structured and concrete work ethic, family moral, and loyalty toward those in which his talents serve.

Mr. Vincent (The Wolf) Hart, having resided in multiple cities across California and a few states within the U.S of A, ultimately anchored his artistic and professional roots into the ground of California's Capital, Sacramento.

In his free time, as scarce as it is, The Wolf loves to expand his knowledge upon self-development, voice-overs, writing, song writing, creating digital content designs/concepts, and sharing motivational as well as empowering advice, experience, and consciousness with the youth, young adults, and families guided across his path.

Having pursued a modest career within the Independent Music Industry as an underground lyricist acronym-ly named W.O.L.F-V.E.I.N, which stands for WHO OVERCOMES LIFE'S FOLLIES VICTORIOUSLY ENDURING INTENSE NEGATIVITY, 'The Wolf' collaborated with as well as created alongside many groups and organizations such as The Management and House Of Hits Productions.

As a result of many years vested in self-discovery, self-growth, and self-acceptance, Mr. Vincent (The Wolf) Hart birthed PrymaL ProductionZ into existence.

PrymaL ProductionZ is a Content Marketing, Media, Promotions, and Consultant Company tasked with assisting clients (Global Family) with the creation, development, and ultimate production of contracted project, vision, purpose, and/or goal.

Continually leading by example, Mr. Hart consistently demonstrates, whether in business, relationships, or life's journey, that one must fully vest self, talent, as well as time toward assisting our Clients (Global Family) with the creation, development, and ultimate production of contracted project, vision, purpose, and/or goal.

"Then, and only then, will we be able to measure the true merit of our Humanity"... The Wolf of Marketing.

PrymaL ProductionZ , to date, has continued to successfully assisted with the Marketing, Media, Promotions, and/or Branding of such events, organizations, products, and brands as;

The 9th Annual Put The Guns Down Block Party/Save Our Seeds Community Tour (Richmond, California), Brick & Mortar (Krayzie Bone of B.T.N.H & H-Y LOCO), The West Coast Blackout (Urban Blackout Ent. & West Coast OG Riderz), Hella Famous Hip-Hop Prom (San Jose, CA.), Chronicles Of Bosh'a, Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace, S.O.S (Save Our Seeds: Community Youth Program), The Management, House Of Hits Productions, Entertainment WorldWide Network, Community Champions Of America, Wisdom B4 Hate Productions, Prymal Pleasurez (Vape Pens), Professional Auto Worx (Automotive Cosmetics), C.L.S Companion (Compact, Light, & Stunning Flashlight Stun-Gun), Cousins Barbershop, i.i.W.i.i (It Is What It Is Wear: Clothing Brand), Prymal Wear (Clothing Brand), Literary & Manuscript Author Terrell Havoc, KSFM Radio, Meechie's Boutique/Yukmouth of The Luniz (Oakland, CA), HY-LOCO, and Flo J. Simpson...

Just to name a few.