Opportunity doesn't go away...

It just goes to the next person.

I get my kicks from helping others THRIVE and not just SURVIVE! For our agents to maximize their professional AND personal life! The Proven By Ruben team is unique. You're part of the family. We train together, grow together, and go to events together (even outside of eXp) ... to make it simple, we have each others back to see that we hit our goals!

"If you do tomorrow what you did today, you'll get tomorrow what you got today"

As an agent who started off at a different brokerage and dual career while striving to be the best single father I could be, you better believe we support ALL agents no matter if they are full time, dual career, etc. As long as you don't have a victim mindset, you're welcome to be part of the team! 

We have broker owners, teams, ICON agents (where you get your $16k cap back), individual agents, brand new agents, investor agents, nerdy agents, high speed agents, and more crazy awesome agents!

Our team is growing in almost every state, and we're looking to eXpand to all over the nation and in different countries that eXp is operating... join us from absolutely anywhere!

Over the years we have changed so many lives and we can help you change yours!

Join us!

Why Join Ruben Garcia "Proven By Ruben" Team?


Lifetime membership to the private "REV DEV (REVenue DEVelopment) Facebook Group


Mondays: Monday "Make it Happen!" Masterminds (Discussing wins and challenges) 

Tuesdays: Profit Pow Wow (Strategize to Increase Profit) and Skyslope Training

Wednesdays: BE MORE Training, Winners Wed, Team Strategy Session and KVCORE Training

Thursdays: Database Work (Building the business the right way)

Fridays: Onboarding (one-on-one) and Freedom Fridays (Agent Attraction and Team Building)

Saturdays: "Pints and Properties" Real Estate Investor Meet Up (check your location)

We also partner with the Five Pillars Team at eXp on events, classes, masterminds, etc.


Lifetime access to all of the training in REV DEV (Revenue Development) & P.A.S.S. PLAY Course

Lifetime access to The Locker Room Coaching systems, tools, models and coaching! Agents who have been engaged with TLR have grown their business an average of 255%.


Unlimited Access to Ruben Garcia (via cell phone and meet up if location works) for anything you need - seriously, I am your business partner! 

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