Types of Promotional Pens

4 Types of Promotional Pens for Every Business

Promotional pens can be an excellent way to promote a company. Not only are pens considered one of the most unobtrusive ways to advertise; they can be some of the most affordable, too. These types of accessories are in used every day, even amongst businesses that predominantly work online. Being able to customise them in a way that acts to promote, whilst offering a level of functionality to those in possession of them has been proven to be an effective solution for potential clients – and here’s a closer look at 4 types of promo pens that can be an asset to any business.

For companies that prefer to use less text in favour of a branded image, logo pens can be an ideal solution. With options to apply a logo to the side of a pen; be it metal or plastic – many a business has found success. The key to a good logo pen is to ensure that the image added is as appealing as it is instantly recognisable. When paired with other promotional features that provide further information on a business, a good logo can go a very long way.

Although many companies choose the highest quality pens to hand out to their customers (and to use within their own premises), the costs can certainly mount up. This is one of the factors that can lead many organisations to pursuing a plastic alternative. Plastic pens can still be printed on in the same way as metal alternatives; but as a much lower price in most cases. As a result, they can be purchased in bulk and issued without much concern – allowing a much wider reach of promotion.

There can be some cases when a plastic pen might not do the trick; especially when branding internally to unify a workforce. In these instances, corporate pens can offer a much higher quality solution to those with the budget. Lesser variants can be a good way to keep the brand’s image on a shop floor – but with options to purchase higher quality metal alternatives, these can add character to a boardroom, or be used to give out during meetings with clients.

Branded pens are some of the most varied options available to businesses, with a variety of design possibilities that can be enjoyed by companies with all types of budgets. Regardless of whether the pen is made using metal or plastic, it can be possible to apply a logo, a tag line, contact information, or any other suitable data to the side of the pen – allowing a business to brand itself with minimal fuss.