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An Introduction to Pen Promotions – One of Australia’s Leading Promo Pen Providers

Specialising in a variety of promotional pens that have made them a favourite amongst new and aspiring business owners, are quickly becoming a leading provider to those that use pens and other handheld accessories for branding and promotional purposes.

With options to personalise pens, choose from a selection of designs and the ability to customise at a very affordable cost – PP aren’t just your average promotional product service; they strive to offer effective solutions at a price that most businesses will be able to afford.

Who are

Previously, the brand worked to provide options for personalising printing requirements, whereby their customers would come to them with a design in mind, have that design applied to the surface of a pen and then have the application process taken care of for them.

That was a decade ago; these days the company offers an astounding variety of promotional products including printed BIC pens, parker pens, stylus pens and much more in between.

From individuals looking to create a personalised gift for a loved one, right through to professional enterprises that are keen to promote their name with everyday items (a strategy that is just as effective in 2017 as it has ever been) – Pen Promotions are at the forefront of the industry.

Using advanced design utilities and state of the art manufacturing processes, they are able to fulfil orders of all sizes; from just a single pen to thousands, in equal measure.

Their bulk ordering process is one of the most popular that they have to offer, with options to have any number of pens printed on to suit the requirements of the business placing the order.

Not only do they offer affordable, reliable services to meet the needs of the customer – they have a strict quality control process to ensure that any pen that leaves their care is of the highest quality.

Where PenPromotions be found?

The best place to take a look at the options offered by the brand is by heading over to their website. There are several services to look through, as well as categories that relate different printing options.

As they specialise in printing on pens to assist with promotion and publicity, the majority of their features lean in this direction – making it easy for you to pick and choose from the types of services that you’d like to consider and then progress with the simplistic ordering process.

For those that are after an effective, yet low-cost promotional option for their growing business, promo pens can certainly be beneficial. With options for the brand to apply logos, tag lines and even contact information to your pens, you could promote with minimal fuss – and without going over budget.

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