Announcement for Students Attending Senior Prom!

Prom is a tabletop game under development by some friends who never got to go to a prom together. The goal of prom is to become prom royalty by accumulating the most cool points (cp) by the end of the night. In Prom, there are 6 rounds (or 6 songs). Each round has a mingling phase and a dancing phase. During each round, players can partner up, gossip, or declare love, then dance and flirt. Everyone has a secret crush. The more you dance with your secret crush, the more cool points you’ll gain at the end of prom. But if someone gossips about you by guessing who your crush is, you’ll lose cp! How embarrassing. Cool points are awarded and tracked along the points tracker on the dance floor. Use this to your advantage by trying to dance with someone cooler than you for bonus points! Once the last dance is over, everyone’s crush is revealed and cp is awarded. The player farthest along the Cool Point Track is announced prom royalty! Ties are resolved by staring contest.

Learn more about Prom's development and future, and Prom's creators. Email us at, if you want.