Prom Planning and Development

Max, Sarah, and Ted - the cool kids of prom - have been developing the game since September 2016. Since then, Prom has gone through several iterations, from scraps of paper and foam core board pieces, to card-stock Staples copies and foam core board pieces. It's been quite an adventure.

In April 2017 we submitted Prom to the 2017 Boston Festival of Indie Games, and it was accepted to the second round of submissions - where judges played a physical prototype of the game and decided its fate.

We're excited that Prom indeed made it into BostonFIG! We showcased Prom to tons of potential fans on September 23rd, 2017. This was a great opportunity to get feedback and new perspectives on the future development of Prom!

Stay tuned for upcoming events. Check out our events calendar!

What's next? We've played Prom a ton with our friends so far, and we've gotten a lot of positive response. Even the Staples person said it sounded like a "really fun" game and just reading about it brought on "flashbacks of real prom." What a statement.

Despite all that great local fanfare, it's time to spread our royal wings and take Prom to the next level. We'd like to playtest more with a broader audience at upcoming local gaming and playtesting events.

We're also still working through the kinks of some compelling yet quirky mechanics to the game (ex: What if there's a chaperone at Prom? What about passing a flask? What if everyone had a BFF?). Fun ideas, just elusive in their effective execution. More to come on that!

While we're still early in the planning and development process, and each of the game's development team has different amounts of time to commit to Prom, we're on track to creating a fun new game that probably at least 13 people would buy. So stay tuned for info on upcoming fundraising projects! Thanks for reading!

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