Project: PDD Explained

Project : PDD Explained

Well, I guess it all starts with the fact that I'm a Destro enthusiast. I've loved the character since childhood, and have now dedicated myself to collecting Destro action figure items from around the world. Lo' and behold, this mysterious action figure comes to my attention, which just happens to be a Destro figure! interest was piqued.

I started awhile ago to try to make a record of the numbers of PDDs known to be in collector's hands. I had heard some people had started doing this, but I wanted to make my own list. I thought it'd be a fun project to work on (as I love the "hunt" for info and love the character), and I termed it my "Project: PDD".

It's been a challenge to try quantify numbers of PDDs in collector's hands for Project: PDD (see the It's How Rare? How Valuable? section for the info). The list can never really be 100% precise, as you never know who has what, etc. But, to date it is the best effort to research this PDD that I know of.

Project: PDD transformed into more than just a record of known PDDs. I figured, why not try to unravel the mystery behind the PDDs existence? I had been in contact with many people who had worked on the G.I.Joe toyline, and I asked around to find out the names of the guys involved with the 1997 15th Anniversary commemorative sets. I eventually talked to the two people most directly involved, Vinnie D'Alleva and John Boyce and I learned the true origins of the Pimp Daddy Destro's origin (see the Origin of the PDD section for all the details).

So, the next logical step was "Why not create a website that can be a great reference to fellow G.I.Joe collectors, who are also looking for answers about the PDD?". It's my hopes that this website will be a helpful & utilized reference for the 3 3/4" G.I.Joe community. I've put a lot of time & energy into it, and I really hope it something that YOU guys (and gals!) find to be helpful! It's been alot of fun to work on this.

The final aspect of Project:PDD was that it really got me interested in hunting for PDDs! For months I've been "pounding the pavement" (virtually, of course!) in a diligent & dedicated effort to track-down PDDs. Some roads have lead to success, and others failure. All-in-all, it has been a great adventure and hunting the PDD is now a major part of my collecting pursuits. This Project:PDD has certainly ignited my desire to uncover this elusive figure, from wherever they reside around the globe. (Many long-distance phone bills! :^) )

Well, this site is for YOU guys. I've made tons of friends in the G.I.Joe 3 3/4" collecting community, and I know overall we have a great community. From the terrific sites at JoeDeclassifed, 3DJoes, Hisstank, JoeCustoms, JoeSightings to TNI...this is a great community. Many thanks to all those people I've learned from over the years and those who have very much helped me along the way. Yeah, it's corny...but Yo Joe! damnit!

**** If you can find the back issue, check out ToyFare magazine issue #115, pg. 97, for my article on the Pimp Daddy Destro! The issue features a great G.I.Joe price guide as well. ****

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