The Definitive Resource for the Original 1997 G.I. Joe " Pimp Daddy Destro " Action Figure.

Welcome All! And what the heck is the G.I. Joe " Pimp Daddy Destro " anyway?

*Another Update 7/17/21: price record set again! This time a record $6,801 for a loose, complete with all accessories AFA 90 graded Pimp Daddy Destro (eBay auction #203513605883, ended July 11, 2021). A very nice condition one to have achieved an AFA 90 grade. Looks like the interest in this unique figure continues to grow

*Updated 4/17/21: Did you see that stellar loose PDD auction?!? It ended at $3,450 on 4/10/2021 (Ebay auction # 143996434385) ! Wow! As far as I know it was a record-setting sales price for an authentic, loose, ungraded Pimp Daddy Destro. Way back in 2016, the seller reached-out to me asking if I could review the PDD he had to give my opinion as to it's authenticity. I did, and it passed my tests for authenticity. And after the sale, the buyer reached-out to me as well. A big congratulations to the buyer & seller! PDD is such a marquee item to have in your collection. Yo Joe! ***

The Pimp Daddy Destro (PDD) is a nick-name given to an incredibly rare & valuable G.I.Joe 3 3/4" action figure of the character Destro, which was produced as part of the Cobra Command Team set in 1997. The PDD has an outlandish " leopard spot " paint scheme on it's collar and upper legs, which distinguishes it from the mass released 1997 Destros (which commonly feature all black paint on the collar & upper legs). This bizarre spotted paint scheme lead collectors to jokingly refer to this figure as the " Pimp Daddy Destro ". The name stuck...and the rest is history.

It's HOW Valuable? HOW Rare? Holy Cow!

Yep. The Pimp Daddy Destro is a mighty rare action figure. Collector "completists" can go their entire "collecting lives" without acquiring one. In relation to the typical number of mass produced action figure (which is hundreds of thousands!)...the PDD is truly the "needle in the haystack". And as usual, rarity leads to increased value and desireability. There was a time when you could purchase this 3 3/4" tiny piece of plastic for less than...$1,000. Those were the days! And those days are LONG gone..

Is it Real? Is it Fake? How to Authenticate a PDD

How do you know if you have a TRUE Pimp Daddy Destro or a forgery? Do you have a very valuable figure in your hands, is it just a conman's knock-off or maybe just a really nice custom figure? Determining an authentic Pimp Daddy Destro requires knowing what to look for. There are tell tale signs and armed with the following information, I hope to help you become "in the know"!

Pimp Daddy Destro - Origin Revealed!

I've spent a few months working on uncovering the true story behind the creation of the Pimp Daddy Destro. There's been so much mystery & hearsay surrounding this figure, that I was determined make it my mission to learn it's definitive origins. I contacted most all of the fellow collectors I know who had a PDD, and asked them for their recollections about the figure. As I had pretty much expected, nobody really knew for sure what the story was behind this elusive figure ...

For years (all the way back to 1997) the Pimp Daddy Destro was a mystery to the G.I. Joe collecting community. It was rumored to be a prototype. It was rumored to be a fan-made custom creation. It's existence spawned so many unanswered questions. Was it a production figure? Was it ever meant to be released? Did it perhaps trickle out of contracted Asian factories by illicit means? Was it a party favor at a birthday party? What was the deal with this oddly cool Destro figure?

Well, I guess it all starts with the fact that I'm a Destro enthusiast. I've loved the character since childhood, and have now dedicated myself to collecting Destro action figure items from around the world. Lo' and behold, this mysterious action figure comes to my attention, which just happens to be a Destro figure! Well...the rest is history.

I was found in a Kansas cornfield, my home planet having been destroyed in a geological cataclysm. Humbly raised by adoptive parents, I was unaware of my celestial origins and potential greatness as an immortal amongst mankind...