Publication Proposal for Urdu Classic Tilism-e Hoshruba

The publishing house KITAB proposes to prepare a 24-volume critical Urdu edition of Tilism-e Hoshruba, over a period of 4 (four) years. The proposed publication will include modern punctuation, footnotes and a glossary.

Publication Frequency

Six volumes to be published every year by KITAB. Project to be completed upon the publication of the 24th volume at the end of a four year period.

Project Cost

Cost per volume including printing of 1,000 copies: PKR 1 million

Total cost for 24 volumes: 24 million | Fundraising target for this year: PKR 6 million


The books will be published by KITAB in two editions. A limited hardcover edition, and an economically priced paperback edition for wider dissemination of the work. First volumes from the project will be published in 2021.

Profits Distribution

Until Project Completion: Until the completion of the project, 50% of the profits from the book sales will be reinvested into the project. The other 50% will go to KITAB as its project management payment.

After Project Completion : After the project's completion, 50% profits from the project will be diverted by KITAB for the publication of more works of Urdu classical literature. The other 50% will go to KITAB as its profit from the project.


The Project financials will be open to the Friends of Hoshruba.