About the Founders


Osama Siddique is a Pakistani scholar, legal and regulatory reform expert, and author. He works on the cusp of law and policy, and employs diverse legal and social science research methodologies. His policy work involves advising governments and justice sector institutions in developing economies, IFIs, international organizations, and foreign government funded programs on rule of law, justice sector reforms, human rights protection, and access to justice.

Dr. Siddique was the inaugural Henry J. Steiner Visiting Professor in Human Rights at Harvard Law School in Fall 2016. He serves on the senior faculty of Institute of Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard. He founded the School of Law and Policy at LUMS and served as its first chair and as an Associate Professor. He has also worked as a transactional lawyer for two of the top global law firms in New York and as an advocate of appellate courts inakistan.

A Rhodes Scholar, he has authored several international peer-reviewed law journal articles, national reform reports, and legal textbooks. His books include multiple award winning Pakistan’s Experience with Formal Law: An Alien Justice (Cambridge: 2013). Snuffing Out the Moon (Penguin Random House India: 2017) – his debut novel – is a historical work spanning six eras of South Asian history.

Email: dr.osamasiddique@gmail.com


Musharraf Ali Farooqi, the Founder and Publishing Director of KITAB, will lead Project Hoshruba as editor and publisher. Farooqi is the translator of The Adventures of Amir Hamza (2006, Modern Library) and the first volume of Hoshruba: The Land and the Tilism (2009, Urdu Project/Random House). Farooqi is the founding editor of the Online Urdu Thesaurus. A Harvard University South Asia Institute fellow, Farooqi is the founder of the Storykit Program.

Email: musharraf.ali.farooqi@gmail.com