Cleaning Services We Provide

Cleaning Service List

We recommend that your first appointment be a deep clean. Deep cleaning takes extra time, but you will see and feel the results.

When you set up ongoing cleaning service, we'll continue with our standard cleaning list, and you may request a deep clean or optional items whenever you wish (with an additional charge).

Move-in and move-out cleanings generally follow our deep clean task list, minus those tasks that do not apply because furniture has been removed or has not arrived yet.

If you feel our task lists do not apply to your specific situation, let us know and we'll tailor them to your needs.

-Deep Clean (includes standard cleaning)-

• Whole house

√ Wash and clean baseboards

√ Clean windows

√ Clean louvered doors and sliding door tracks

√ Wipe down furniture

√ Vacuum/dust blinds

√ Vacuum/dust drapes

√ Vacuum upholstery and under cushions

√ Wipe lamp bases

√ Detailed dusting of light fixtures

√ Dust fans, heat & A/C vents

• Kitchen

√ Regular cleaning with more detail

• Bathroom

√ Remove mildew, soap scum and mineral deposits

√ Scrub grout

√ Wash cabinet face


√ Regular cleaning with more detail

√ Make the beds

------------- •Additional Services • --------------

* Change linens if fresh linens are left on the bed (extra charge)

√ Dust plants

√ Clean the refrigerator and freezer (extra charge)

√ Clean and degrease oven and under-stovetop (extra charge)

√ Clean inside cabinets / drawers

- Standard cleaning-

• Whole house

√ Vacuum carpets and rugs

√ Mop floors

√ Dust furniture and surfaces

√ Dust tops of doors, picture rail molding and tops of baseboards

√ Vacuum upholstery where needed and remove pet hair

√ Clean light switches and door knobs

√ Remove cobwebs

√ Clean mirrors

√ Empty trash and recycling

√ Straighten and arrange

• Kitchen

√ Wipe down cabinets, countertops, cupboards, appliances

√ Clean microwave exterior & interior

√ Clean countertops and sinks

√ Clean sink, fixtures

√ Clean stovetop

• Bathroom

√ Clean toilet

√ Clean sink

√ Clean tub and shower, wash tile, clean glass enclosures

√ Clean fixtures

√ Wipe cabinet exteriors as needed

√ Clean counters

√ Fold/hang towels

√ Wash soap dish

• Bedrooms

√ Regular cleaning done in the whole house

√ Make the bed

• What we do not do

–Move heavy furniture or lift heavy items (over 25 lbs)

-Use ladders other than two step stepladders

-Clean outside windows unless they are easily accessed from the inside

-Clean excessively moldy areas (requires a mold removal specialist)

-We love pets! But for the safety of our staff, we will not enter homes with barking/aggressive dogs unless they are properly restrained (all sizes of dogs)

-Use toxic chemicals unless otherwise approved by us (we are fine with your non-toxic cleaners)


-Washing clothes and dishes

-Clean plasma TV's, computer screens or equipment, except for dusting tops

-Clean human waste, pet waste or cat litter - if you want to clean the area soiled by your pet, you must remove any waste before we arrive

* We request that you remove or identify valuable, irreplaceable or delicate decorations (or other items) that you do not want to touch. We also instruct our cleaners not to clean items that are delicate or easily damaged such as crystal, antique collections, paintings and/or artwork that are not behind glass.