Priscilla Angelique

Singer // Songwriter // Music Producer // Animator // Creative Technologist

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Priscilla Angelique is a UK based singer songwriter, music producer, animator, creative technologist and academic. Influenced by jazz music and early hip hop culture she developed her style as a scat singer giving her a jazzy vocal and soulful vibe. Everything you see on this site was created by her.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Email info [at] if you require any of the following services: avatar creation, animated music videos, virtual reality experiences, 360 degree music videos, music production/beats or remixes.


I'm a Giant is Priscilla Angelique's second mixed media release consisting of a virtual reality experience, 360 degree video, animation, digital art and music. As usual Priscilla Angelique does everthing from the digital art, avatar creation, beat making, melody, VR360 and more. Two versions of the drum and bass track will be released I'm a Giant (Sticky Twitch Beat) and I'm a Giant with Priscilla Angelique featuring rapper Lewis Sycamore. Watch this space for release info for the rap version and click below to listen to the beat.

Give Me That Feeling: VR/Animation/Music

Her release Give Me That Feeling is a mixed media release consisting of digital music, a VR experience, VR360 video and animated music video. Producing all of the music, videos, avatars, artwork and the VR experience herself this period of her work sees her transitioning to virtual reality as part of her ‘2D to VR’ story. Music can be streamed on all of the major music platforms.

Elevator Music Series

Priscilla Angelique’s Elevator Music album series is a compilation of chillout and jazz inspired tracks.

Elevator Music Vol. 1

Elevator Music Vol. 2

Elevator Music Vol. 3

Elevator Music Vol. 4

House Music + More

UKG, dance neo-soul and other music

Give Me That Feeling (Single)

Aftershock (Single)

Positive Digital (Album)

Curious (Futurebox Remix) (Single)

Animated Music Videos