Steps to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error

The printer is an external hardware device which converts data stored in computer in text form or graphic form into a hard copy of that data. Normally we have to purchase printer separately with the computer. Nowadays, in our day to day life printer play very vital role for our life is totally concerned with electronic gadget, in market there are different types of printers are available each has its own set of functions and operation to perform thus it is very important to select a printer that is suitable for your needs. To get one take help from HP printer support contact number.

Some of them are:

  • Jet and laser printer

  • 3D printer

  • All in one printer

  • Laser printer

  • Ink jet printer

  • Led printer

There are various types of printers available for us, but we commonly used inkjet and laser printer. But whenever we use printer, we face one basic problem which is HP Printer Paper Jam so that we didn’t get smooth printouts and for this user should know about

How to Avoid Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer?

To get the solution of first problem we have to follow some process so that we can avoid paper jams in HP printer. First of all positioning should be correct of tray and paper slider.

Keep the Paper Appropriately

Keeping the paper in appropriate tray is very important to avoid paper jam. In different printer the paper tray is different and in some printer there is an option to use different sizes of paper as per our use.

Don’t fill excess papers in the tray

If there are excess papers in the tray, then it will take multiple sheets of paper at a one command due to these papers get stuck up into the spoiler. So always keep a limited quantity of sheets in the tray so that it will not stick up into the spoiler.

Quality Sheets

Always use quality of sheets in the printer. If we use low quality of papers, then there are chances of torn. So it’s good to buy quality papers so that a printer works by smoother way.

Printer Paper Path should be clean

Always try to keep the path clean from where the printing paper moves in a printer. If there is anything in the path, then you may face obstacles to take out the prints.

However, if still there is an issue of HP Printer Paper Jam, then we have to know how to clear paper. So for clearing this paper follows the following steps:

Cut off the printer

Cut off the printer before you start clearing the paper jam for your printer’s safety. If we unplug printer from power source, then we work in a safe manner.

Remove the main cover

If any paper is in the tray, then removed all papers and then remove the main cover of the printer.

Read Instructions in Manual

If still there is a paper jam inside the printer, then go for instruction which is mentioned in the manual which you will receive along with the printer at the time of purchase.

Should Check Output Tray

Check if there is any paper stuck up in the mechanism near to the output tray. If any paper is visible, then remove that paper also.

Repair and replacement

If still papers are stuck up and your printer is not working, then contact with the service provider for repair or replacement. Now a day’s service provider provides engineer at your doorstep. For further assistance then call HP printer contact number