Quick Printer Offline Fix Method

Printer says offline’ is the most annoying message when one needs to print some important documents. The printer is an essential IT device to print out the urgent documents. It works in both the professional and personal setups. The users cannot afford to see the message that says Printer is offline’. There are numerous reasons for the issue of printer offline occurring. The user can use printer offline fix method by himself or get the outside help.

The issue can occur in both the wireless printer and the network printer and here is how one can fix it.

1) Rebooting: If the issue of ‘printer offline’ occurs the rebooting can help. When the user gets this message he can reboot his system, shut it down and switch it on again. This should help.

2) Make sure that the printer is plugged in: Sometimes the loose wiring can be the reason for ‘printer offline’ problem. Ensure that your printer is connected to your system properly. If the problem still persists then you can follow the given steps.

Sign into an account with the ‘Manage Printers’ rights or by a local administrator account. Go to ‘printer and devices’ and click ‘whats printing’. The print spooler window will open up. Check the ‘Use printer offline’ mark. The printer should come back online.

Why Does My Printer Says Offline?

When the printer says offline it means that the system is not able to communicate with the printer. The printer stops printing and status message keeps saying ‘printer is offline’. It is a very recurrent issue and can occur due to several reasons. There are some common reasons such as the printer not properly connected to the system or loose wiring then there are problems that go way deep and might have to do with the technical issues in the printer.

The reasons for printer showing offline 

1) Connectivity: Your connectivity might be poor. There might be loose wiring or poor USB cable connection. This can be a major cause of the status message ‘printer is offline’.

2) Jammed Paper: Paper jamming can also result in your printer becoming offline.

3) Hardware faults: sometimes there are hardware technical problems which you cannot fix on your own and might need printer support.

If your printer is showing offline then consider rebooting to troubleshoot. Rebooting the system can help very effectively to resolve the ‘printer offline’ problem. When you reboot your system, it shuts down and is switched on again. This kick starts the printer and it can come back online. Rebooting can work for both wireless printer and the network printer.

Printer’s issues are recurrent and should be dealt with urgency

What to do If Printer is Offline?

Printer showing offline is a common problem that the users face. There are different reasons for printers going offline. The problem can be fixed facilely at times whereas the other times it might need professional help.

This is what you can do if your printer is offline

1) Rebooting the System

The common solution for all the problems pertaining to the IT devices is rebooting the system. Rebooting fixes most of the technical glitches. It resolves the connectivity issues. Reboot your system if your printer says offline.

2) Checking the USB connectivity issues:

Check if the USB is properly connected to the system. If it is not so then the Network printer can go offline. For a wireless printer, this might not be an issue.

3) Fix Paper Jamming

The jamming paper not only can obstruct the printer process but can also make the system to deliver the status notification saying that the printer has gone offline. If the paper is stuck in the printing tray make sure that you remove it safely and place it properly so that the printer can do the unobstructed printing.

4) Changing the settings

You can go to ‘Devices and Printers’ options and checkmark the box that says ‘Use printer offline’. This should fix the problem and printer should come back online. If this does not solve the issue install the latest driver.

If all other steps fail you then seek the professional technical help.

How to Change Printer Offline to Online?

Printer showing offline has become a very common issue for the people who need to relentlessly take out the prints. This status message means that the printer is disconnected with the system and needs fixing. The users can follow a few simple steps in case the printer says offline.

Printer offline how to put online

If you do not have any technical knowledge and external technical support then the following steps should help you to fix the problem of Network printer and wireless printer becoming offline.

1) Reboot the System:

Rebooting helps to jumpstart the printer and it helps to fix the problem when the printer is offline.

2) Fixing the Wiring:

The USB connectivity issues are a major cause of printer going offline. Make sure that it is connected properly. Check all the wiring. It should not be loose and faulty.

3) Misfeeds and Jams

The paper jamming is also another major reason for the printer behaving berserk. If you have been feeding the paper wrong then printer might malfunction and it might go offline.

4) Installing the latest driver

Driver becoming obsolete might also be a reason for printer going offline. You can download the latest version of the driver by visiting the manufacturer’s site.

Putting back printer online is not a tedious task. It can be done easily. 

HP Printer Users can use this method to fix HP Printer Offline error