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Good future of Oakland

Bad future of Oakland

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Bad future of Oakland

  • A bad future for Oakland can be caused by Global warming.

  • Smog from factories and cars can make the air more unclear.

  • Another bad future for Oakland is trash everywhere in the city.

  • In America there are states that have beaches full of trash.

  • The harmful impact of littering, can harm and kill many native plants and animals in Oakland. This could negatively effect our air and turn Oakland into a unlivable terrain and polluted city.

  • A bad future of Oakland would have large gaps in the class systems between poor and rich. Poverty would be high, and people wouldnt have access to health or humane services.

Same future of Oakland

  • Oakland might have the same city style as it does now, in the future.

  • If Oakland is basically the same in the future we have to make sure the trash and pollution problem doesn't get out of hand.

  • If we have a similar future like today we could still have advanced tech but the buildings are the same style.

  • The medicine can be advanced, and other items like computers, consoles and technology.

Good future of Oakland

  • A futuristic future for Oakland is a high tech city posibley with flying cars and colorful lights through the city.

  • We are seeing lots of changes in the City already, with new building and public spaces. Future Oakland will have greenways where we have a good mix of trees and vegatation still honoring what Oakland represents.

  • In a futuristic future we have to solve global warming and our problems.

  • Our future can be a good future or a bad future it's up to us on how we treat our city and one another.

  • Social structure would be balanced there would not be a large gap between poor and rich and the city's social services would be open, equal, valueing the cities citizens.

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