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When you see your own reflection, you don't see a kid... you see someone strong enough to make a difference! Tell us why you see STRONG in the mirror for a chance to win two free PrimeMeTees, one for you and one for the strongest person you know.

What is a PrimeMeTee?

In psychology, a "prime" is anything that triggers a thought in your mind, and these shirts are designed to remind you exactly who you are at just the right moment... when you see your own reflection. Learn more about the science.

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How to Enter

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself, what makes you so strong?
  2. Write down your answer in a short essay. Feel free to be creative as you'd like, just make it represent the true you. No need to write a book -- please keep your essay to 400 words or less.
  3. Ask a parent or legal guardian to review the contest rules and to submit your essay using the form linked at the bottom of this page no later than June 1, 2018.


Our judges will select two winners from each of the five age groups: (a) 16-17, (b) 14-15, (c) 12-13, (d) 10-11, and (e) 9 and younger. If your submission is selected, you'll win two shirts with the STRONG design - one for you and for someone else whose strength inspires you.

Sample PrimeMeTee Shirt - Strong

One for you!

Sample PrimeMeTee Shirt - Strong

One for your hero!

Contest Rules Overview

  • To enter, you must be the parent or legal guardian of the child (aged 17 or younger) residing within the United States who wrote the essay.
  • You can help with proofreading, but the essay must be your child's own original work.
  • One entry per child - duplicate submissions are disqualified.
  • Enter by 11:59pm (PST) on June 1, 2018

Be sure to read the complete Terms & Conditions before submitting.

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