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Custom Design Requests

Would you like to see one of the primes in another color? Is there a different prime you want on a shirt Unfortunately, the demand for customized designs is too high to fulfill all requests, but we'll do our best to make it happen. Priority is given to non-profit organizations and groups planning bulk orders, and a small design fee may be added to order costs for detailed customizations.

Group of people wearing AWESOME shirt at work

Turn your logo into something AWESOME for the team.

Three girls sitting by pool wearing SEXY prime tank tops

Celebrating a trip or event?

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Before you email your requests, please note that suggestions for primes, styles, and color schemes are only received as requests for service. PrimeMeTee owns the intellectual property of any design it creates and by submitting a design request, you waive any claim to compensation from, or ownership of, the resulting designs. If you are interested in selling your own designs, visit Spreadshirt's page for partners.