Fundraising with PrimeMeTee

We would be happy to partner with you on a custom design and fundraiser for a good cause, and there are generally three ways we can do that:

1) Ongoing

We create a page on our site featuring the custom design and fundraiser with a link to order it on any clothing item or accessory. We help promote it on social media and, for every item sold, we donate the entire "design fee" (typically $3). There's no cost to you, and we'll update you as donations come in over the year. Example: Ryan Bartel Foundation

Ryan Bartel Foundation Fundraiser - Awesome Shirt - PrimeMeTee

2) Campaign

For a more defined term fundraising effort, we can set up a limited-time campaign. Because these involve a larger number of orders in a shorter amount of time, the productions costs are lower so a higher percentage of the proceeds can go towards the cause. Campaigns are ideal if there is an event, anniversary, or special promotion that gets a spike in awareness and engagement with the cause. Again, there's no cost to set these up.

  • Raise the funds needed to print and deliver uplifting shirts to a group in need. People can support the campaign either by purchasing something with that design or buy donating any amount online. Example: GLOW for WMST
  • Raise money for a cash donation by selling shirts online with the custom design. Example: The Barrie School

3) Wholesale

If you have an in-person event or storefront that you would like to have shirts with your design there to sell, we can arrange a discounted bulk purchase for your organization. You set the price and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Ready to do some good together?

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