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09/06/2022 Board of commissioners regular meeting  - stated intentions to purchase PEC, declared Zoning Ordinance "defective" more details in official release bellow. MINUTES 


The Pocono Township Board of Commissioners took action at their regularly scheduled meeting this evening (9/6/22) to do the following:

1) The Board of Commissioners declared the Pocono Township Zoning Ordinance “defective,” per the PA Municipalities Planning Code, as it pertains to uses including “warehouses,” “logistics centers” and “fulfillment centers.” Several specific ordinance provisions were mentioned as to why the Ordinance is defective and inadequate to address new uses and definitions. This effectively gives the Township options on proposed future land development projects pertaining to these uses while the Township addresses these deficiencies through a curative amendment to the Township Zoning Ordinance. The Township now has 180 days to develop zoning language that better addresses and provides for these proposed uses. Please note that this does not “stop” existing land development plans that have been or are being actively reviewed. However, the Board of Commissioners is focused on addressing the increase in these large-scale land development plans and the concerns of our community. Please stay tuned for more information.

2) The Board formally moved to explore the purchase of the Pocono Elementary Center property with Pocono Mountain School District. Pocono Township indicated interest several years ago in the purchase of the facility for a proposed new municipal complex and community center. At that time it was stated that the School District was not interested in the sale of the property.

In the meantime, the Township has undergone, and continues to undergo, architectural feasibility studies to assess options for rehabbing the Township’s municipal complex – a facility that was last renovated in 1989 – for today’s needs.

The Township recently became aware that the School District is considering the sale of PEC and is entertaining offers on the property. Pocono Township will now contact Pocono Mountain School District leadership and work to prepare an offer on the property for the purpose of establishing a new municipal complex, developing a community center and preserving a community asset. We thank the members of the PMSD School Board who were in attendance at the Township meeting and we look forward to engaging in a mutually-beneficial conversation with the District.

3) The Board moved to require the Pocono Township zoning officer take an active role in all land development applications submitted to the Township to ensure full compliance with all existing Township zoning requirements. 

More detailed information and a formal press release will be forthcoming.

8/29/2022 6pm Planning Commission public hearing at NCC Monroe campus.  Core5 plans for Stadden rd warehouse accepted for administrative review

8/17/2022 7pm School board meeting sale of the schoolhouse property  approval of the sale tabled until 09/21/2022

8/17/2022 6pm Sierra Club bi monthly meeting  Discussed strategies and other townships and their successes

08/08/2022 planning commission meeting Administrative acceptance tabled until 08/29/2022 for a special meeting

08/4/2022 zoning board variance public hearing  parking variance approved, wetlands buffer variance withdrawn