Pocono Regional Citizens Group

We are a group of concerned neighbors in the Pocono Pennsylvania area trying to stop the development of several multimillion sq ft warehouses which are planned in residential neighborhoods that contain wetlands and pristine freshwater Trout streams.


These developments would not only affect 1000’s of households, destroy roads and infrastructure, pollute the air with truck exhaust and noise but mar previously untouched wildlands and waterways as the direct result of unfettered land speculation.


Our organization the Pocono Regional Citizens Group PA, was formed specifically to oppose these intrusive industrial buildings and close the zoning loopholes that they exploit.


We are moving quickly and generating a presence and media attention at every town meeting to date, we have been able to accomplish the delay of a local school land sale, the delay of the Pocono township planning board accepting a second proposal for another warehouse, and the tabling of a variance to zoning laws for building on local wetlands.


Our goal is to preserve the health, wellbeing and the way of life of this community and Pocono Township as a whole by making sure that our water supply remains clean, our township green, and our roadways safe.


If you are interested in joining our cause or supporting our efforts financially, please join our email list for updates and progress.