A Brown Man and Other Stories

by Prasenjit Gupta

Prasenjit Gupta: Writings and Translations

Prasenjit Gupta’s collection of short fiction, A Brown Man and Other Stories, arose out of his experience of many years as a brown man in a predominantly white world: an experience often leading to profound changes in character and outlook. These are stories about immigrants, people finding their place in a new country. The characters in these stories survive—they live and laugh and grieve and remember—always in between: suspended between two continents, two language and cultures, two different lives.

Sometimes this crossing of cultures results in positive changes, but often it also brings the knowledge that life in another place is challenging in many ways. How different people deal with these challenges in their different ways is the subject of these beautifully crafted stories.

These stories will fascinate those who left home as well as those who stayed.

“I find extremely striking and emotionally rich the stories in Prasenjit Gupta’s book A Brown Man. In one unaffected tale after another, stark motifs develop into a sort of living terrain that I can only pull myself from with great force. Through some mysterious prestidigitation, Gupta manages to fill the few pages of a short story with the depth of novels.

“Not all the stories are tragic, but even the strangely moving optimism of ‘Supriya at Fifty’ leaves me feeling fully immersed in a life yet filled with an enervating compassion. To name another story, ‘Partho’s Home’ may be the only story I’ve read six times, and I've left it with tears in my cynical eyes more than once. . . . Highest recommendation.”

— Rick Harsch, author of the Driftless Zone trilogy

A Brown Man and Other Stories (India: from Amazon; U.S.: from Parabaas)