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On the 30th September 2020, the motion below was passed unanimously by the PSDCC committee. However the verified annual accounts for 2019/20 will be published as usual and posted on this site in the coming weeks.


Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions the operation of the normal use of the centre has had to be suspended until such time as the restrictions are lifted. The AGM is due in October as a public meeting but given the constraints on public meetings and the vulnerability status of most of the committee, a public meeting is not possible. Due to the closure the committee activities are very limited and it is sensible to postpone the AGM until some time next year when hopefully the restrictions will have been lifted and normal operation of the centre resumed.


As a result of the Covid 19 restrictions, to postpone the Annual General Meeting until April 2021.

P.G.Thomasson Chair PSDCC

Covid Detail.pdf