Positively Pink Oxford


"Sometimes we hate what we can not change – but if together we can learn to embrace it as gently as we would a friend’s heart, it will become a healing step in our life’s dance."

Jean was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in June 2017 and she has had many adventures in terms of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Throughout her treatments she was convinced that her life, however long, should not be defined by her cancer – that there was so much more to being a happy and fulfilled woman than to having perfect breasts! Although breast cancer is, without doubt, something no one would wish upon themselves, Jean has found within the situation, the gift of living life and loving as fully as possible in every moment… this has helped direct her feet onto paths on which fellow breast cancer survivors tentatively walk to seek new (and even better) ways of being.

A few of our larger team who will welcome you to our meetings (photos by Dan Abrams).