Positively Pink Oxford


"Sometimes we hate what we can not change – but if together we can learn to embrace it as gently as we would a friend’s heart, it will become a healing step in our life’s dance."

There can be many things we once enjoyed, that we may withdraw from when going through breast cancer treatments… things that we might well be able to enjoy again, possibly even more fully, with the understanding and support of those who have gone through similar challenges themselves. There will also be new adventures in living that we have yet to experience… we can support and encourage each other in those too.

Gently, gently, the group will, in various ways, provide a springboard, if you like, to a more positive way of living.

We will discover more about relaxation, make-up, exercise, healthy eating… Maybe watch films together, enjoy theatre trips, share books, poetry, creative and arty skills… perhaps start a dining club in which our special requirements could be met in comfortable, relaxed and safe surroundings. We could even hire a charabanc and go whizzing off to yonder parts… the sky is our limit… and together we can do it!

The group has already started to build relationships and to work in collaboration with other groups, such as Maggie’s, Macmillan and Breast Buddies to offer local people with breast cancer the best possible care and confidence boost towards living life to the full.