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Wish you were here…

Wish You Were Here is a grass roots campaign by people who wish for a different future for Ramsgate. Rather than have the industrialisation of the port and western beaches, we are seeking to present a different vision for the future.

We are a community initiative engaging with as many local groups as possible. We are self funded and are non political. We work across the political spectrum in the hope that we can all cooperate and collaborate together in creating a unified vision for Ramsgate.

April the 21st saw the launch of a public consultation and our findings will be written up and the report will go into the local plan, providing the blueprint for the future use and development of the area for generations to come.

We are wishing for things such as… beach huts, water sports centre, sculpture trail, fish market, boat trips, beach school, gym, cycle paths and an aquarium. Please have a look at the images of our vision.

The only crazy thing about our vision is that they don't already exist in a seaside town boasting a blue flag sandy beach, a little over an hour from London.

Wish with us…

Tell us what you would like to see in Ramsgate

Sorry the online survey closed for new submissions in 2017

email us via the address below

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