PORTAC Consulting

About us

Portland Tacoma Consulting, LLC (PORTAC) provides global support from its corporate office located in Stevenson, Washington.

Founded in 2006, PORTAC provides solutions and momentum to planning and execution of our clients' transformation initiatives. Our diverse capability set spans Logistics, Maintenance, Defense Acquisition, Equipment Life Cycle Management, U.S. and Allied Military Operations, Project Planning, Financial Management, and Information Management. This enables us to develop and implement solutions for Military, Industry, Government and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) customers.

Our Capabilities

I. Project Management Consulting

II. Training, Conferences and Seminars

Our Experience

What PORTAC can bring to your organization

Principal Consultant

Over 20 years experience including Military planning, Acquisition, Logistics, Financial management, Process improvement and Technology insertion.

Our Domain

PORTAC's primary clients and partners