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STEAM for all grades, all classes, all students.


FREE to $100.

Implementing STEAM experiences on budgets of all sizes. From cardboard and hot glue to cost-effective drones and robots, creating STEAM experiences for students does not have to be expensive or elaborate.

Join us and experience how to bring engaging STEAM experiences, the Maker Movement and other hands-on tinkering experiences to students of all grades and learning abilities.


STEAM Integration has been around for some time, and has provided students with many beneficial future-ready experiences. STEAM Integration is an initiative that is rapidly growing across the US. Schools are writing new curriculum, purchasing STEM instructional tools and creating makerspaces but yet many educators lack the knowledge and confidence to attempt bringing STEAM into their class. Our goal is to demonstrate easy, low cost, STEAM activities that can be integrated into any class. We want to inspire and push those that are reluctant by providing a real hands-on experience that will build the confidence needed to innovate their practice and encourage risks.

We aim to move past the acronym of STEAM and demonstrate the WHY? and HOW? of STEAM.

The Workshop Goals:

  • Facilitate an interactive hands-on experience for educators looking for new ways to engage students
  • Equipped educators with the knowledge and confidence to take risks and where to start
  • Introduce innovative approaches on how to cover content, the ISTE Standards for Students and Next Gen Science Standards
  • Share free and easily accessible programs, resources, activities, applications, etc. that simplify STEAM Integration

Instructional STEAM Tools

Simple Robotics

Makey Makey


Programmable Devices

The Maker Movement

Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping

UpCycle Maker Movement



Former 8th Grade Science teacher turned Educational Innovations Specialist at Chester County Intermediate Unit. Passionate about helping educators create engaging experiences for students. Currently assisting schools with creating Makerspaces, Redesigning Learning Spaces, STEAM Integration and innovative best practices. Maker Culture Advocate.

  • Keystone Technology Innovator (KTI) 2014
  • Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
  • Google Level 2 Certification
  • STEM Camp EDU Founding Team Member



Former Learning Support Teacher turned 4th grade Facilitator at Pequea Valley School District, strives to create a classroom environment focused on student choice, challenge and success. He specialized with integration of 3-D design with elementary focused students, as well as design challenges, coding fundamentals, and bringing real-life STEAM value to 3rd-5th grade female students in an elective program called Success by Design.

  • Keystone Technology Innovator (KTI) 2015
  • Google Level 2 Certification
  • STEM Camp EDU Founding Team Member