Popllama history

Back in the late 1970's I had a four-track recorder and a burning desire to capture the music of my favorite bands for my own listening pleasure. Highest priority was the weird and wonderful experience of a band called Red Dress. Those recordings marked the beginning of what I called Egg Studios. Then along came the Young Fresh Fellows, and the rest is history. I was forced to start a record label to share my excitement with the world. Popllama Products became home to a growing stew of garage pop, and fun. Great things happened such as Jimmy Silva, the Fastbacks, the Squirrels, the Picketts, the Posies, the Presidents, and more.

These days I don't release new albums very often, but when I do it's because I have that burning desire ....one more time !

Thanks for listening,

Conrad Uno

under construction

1980- 1989

Coming soon: Stories of the pre-Popllama years, the beginning of Egg Studios, the record label gets started, albums by Red Dress, Young Fresh Fellows, Jim Silva, Amadou Jobarteh, the annual Christmas and Halloween shows, Popllama Picnics, and more

1990 - 1999

Coming soon: A new era with the Posies, Presidents of the United States of America, the "Seattle invasion" by big industry, the wave of band signings, and more


Coming soon: Major changes to the music industry and small labels, winding down of Popllama releases, final fabulous years of Egg Studios, move to Arivaca, beginning of Happy Hour Records, and more

The People

Coming soon: all the folks who made Popllama and its albums happen, guest engineers and producers at Egg: Uno, Emily, Scott McCaughey, Mark Gunther, Kurt Bloch, Dave Crider, Johnny Sangster, and others