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Emily's third album is a tribute to her favorite NW songwriters, and includes twelve tunes from:

  • Mudhoney

  • Jimmy Silva

  • Pearl Jam

  • Red Dress

  • Young Fresh Fellows

  • Soundgarden

  • Jimi Hendrix

A stripped down emotional roller-coaster, featuring Emily's rich and wonderful voice with great guitar work throughout.

A very special album.

Released: 2.1.21

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What the bands are saying:

  • Wonderful! Emily’s Twisted Tango owns excellent vocal performances drawn from a stellar list of songs by Seattle songwriters. I’m honored to have one of ours included among the local works that Emily reveres. I’m also impressed with the musicians who guest on her album. Imagine listening while sipping Earl Grey tea in the city’s most psychedelic coffeehouse... cool.

Kim Thayil, Soundgarden

  • "Twisted Tango is one of the few things I’ve enjoyed in a terrible year. Emily’s version of Acetone, I hate to admit, destroys the original. I imagine that many of the other musicians whose songs she covered would say something along the same lines.

I love this record!"

Mark Arm, Mudhoney

  • "Emily leaves Hank behind and tackles the burdens of her Seattle brethren. A largely drumless affair, she guides these big-time rock songs down her own dark rural route -- Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Pearl Jam creeping past Red Dress, Young Fresh Fellows, Jimmy Silva, and even that other Jimi guy. The results feel organic and the band leans effortlessly into the curve, no reasons for second-guessing. It sounds like she was born to sing these. And I suppose she was! "

Scott MacCaughey, Young Fresh Fellows and Jimmy Silva's Empty Set

  • "There are many great aspects to this album, most wonderful is Emily herself. Her song choices, her amazing voice, her spirit, as she owns each song. The production, musicianship, arrangements, and everything about this album is pretty fuckin great. "My Wave" and "May This be Love" are genuine beauty and beyond. "

Gary Minkler, Red Dress

  • "Earthy, poignant and incredibly heartfelt collection of Pacific Northwest songs played with passion and grit. A totally cool record. Well done, can’t wait to hear what’s next!"

Matt Cameron, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam

  • "Emily’s garden has been well-tended since the last time we heard any new music from her. With Twisted Tango, her soul continues to flower."

Dennis Diken, the Smithereens and Jimmy Silva's Empty Set

  • "What power. Emily owns the vocals and the character needed to inhabit those songs."

Pete Pendras, Red Dress

  • "Emily’s recording has come to me at just the right time. Beautiful, amazing, and just the thing that I needed!"

Dan Peters, Mudhoney