Participation in "The waiting room of ecological desires" exhibition. Family gardens, Cracow, Poland.


Solo Exhibition "Durnostojki". Cooperation with car showroom Cupra. Krakow. Poland


Participation in the Wanted Design Manhattan, (ICFF) the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. With its emphasis on original and sustainable design, ICFF presents a broad range furnishing product for residential, contract and hospitality environments to an audience of 10,000 architects, interior designers, retailers, distributors, developers, and press. ICFF and the co-located WantedDesign Manhattan bring together over 400 established and emerging design brands from more than 25 countries. New York, USA


Participation in the exhibition. "Along the Line" is the permanent exhibition of MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center’s collection, in Debrecen. The exhibition, which explores the contemporary use of the line in various media, comes into being by the curatorial selection from a deliberate and continuously evolving collection of the past 16 years including purchases of artworks and mainly donations of the International Artist Residency of Debrecen. The MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, Debrecen, Hungary


Solo exhibition "Ennoblement of Degradation or 20 Years of Poor Design". About 20 years ago, somewhere between 2002 and 2004, the history of conceptual design under the banner of poor design began. BWA Bydgosz, Poland. 


Delivering lectures on conceptual design as part of the Poorex studio, University of Bologna – Campus  Rimini, Italy.


Participation in the exhibition as part of the craftsmen association NÓW.

The exhibition accompanied the premiere of the new issue of Vogue Living magazine.

IWP, Warsaw, Poland


Participation in the exhibition NÓW W PEŁNI, that presents group of designer makers and craftspeople who promote handmade items.

Prześwit Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

July 2022

Auction of a wooden Molotov cocktail, made of Poorex, for the purchase of a drone for Ukraine.

17.06-18.09. 2022

Participation in the exhibition Safe Space. It's an exhibition about controlled escape and building psychological resilience in times of crisis.  

Design BWA, Wrocław, Poland

10-17.06. 2022

Participation in the exhibition 'p' like physiognomy, 'p' like phenomenon, The project is related to the issue of reading faces, reading personality traits and emotions, searching for common features of people and critical commentary on stereotyping. 

High Synagogue, Cracow art Week, Poland

12-29.05. 2022

Solo exhibition "Durnostojki". The objects are inspired both by African masks and by contemporary culture of pictograms and emoticons, known from the interfaces of electronic devices and social networks. Among the ten sculptures, we will probably find the first rattan masks, face-like kinetic objects with rotated elements of facial expressions and contemporary totems.

Lodz Design Festval, Poland

Participation in the Exhibition: „Objects”. From graphic design through fashion and furniture to computer games – the most interesting examples of Polish design of the last 120 years are presented at the permanent exhibition Objects. Gallery of Polish Design of the 20th and 21th Centuries. National Museum in Krakow. Poland.

Participation in the Exhibition: „What if…? Artistic intervention in the urban space of Nowa Huta. Poland.

Solo exhibition „Poorex – 100% of the norm”. City Meble, Gdańsk, Poland.

A lecture and presentation on the activity of the design studio Poorex. Home Design Festival. City Meble, Gdańsk, Poland.

Participation in the Exhibition „The ABCs of Polish design”. Lodz Design Festival 2021. fot. A. Pawłowska

A Wooden Story has appointed studio Poorex to design the statuettes for the Pure Design Contest. Aword ceremony Lodz Design Festival, Poland. fot. A. Pawłowska

Sculpture designed by Poorex studio at the fair Maison&Objet in Paris. The object is scaled up statuette in a competition Pure Design Contest by Wooden Story.

Solo exhibition: The Rożnowskie, or a Refuge in Tabaszowa. This project was conceived spontaneously at the beginning of the pandemic year 2020, and the author devoted exactly a year to its completion. In this time, he built a house in Tabaszowa on Lake Rożnowskie and created a series of sculptures — masks and heads — and hand-carved stools. Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw, Poland. more >

New book made of Poorex is ready! This is a story about designer who built a cabin/workshop by a lake. Available soon

Participation in the exhibition entitled „Designer’s workshop”. Institute of Graphics and Industrial Design, Krakow, Poland.

November 2020
Launching new project: Poorex face. Craft. Home. Nature.

On-line lecture entitled „Poor design” at the BWA gallery in Bydgoszcz.

September 2020
Poorex’s Flat House in Modem Exhibition „Along the Line„. The exhibition is created from the conscious collections of the past 14 years, the purchases of artworks and the offerings of the Debrecen International Artists Association. The exhibition is created by the curatorial selection from the emerging collections and it explores the gesture of drawing and the use of contemporary lines in various media. Museum of Moder Art Modem, Debrecen, Hungary.

May 2020
The spontaneous and simply design of a medical helmet made for hospitals by Poorex studio (over 100 pcs) is featured in several magazines as sample of design during pandemic. A&B Formy

March 2020
Project presentation and article entitled „The economy, stupid” in a Book of Trends 2020.

Participation in the Exhibition of Polish design „The ABCs of Polish design”. Toronto, Canada.
Participation in the Exhibition of Polish design „The ABCs of Polish design”.
21.06.2019 – 28.07.2019 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
06.09 – 29.09.2019 – Seul, South Korea

August 2019
New book made of Poorex studio is ready. This publication includes 100 projects and 100 stories about man’s relationship with an object.

Participation in the exhibition entitled „Panel”. Modem – Museum of Modern Art in Debrecen. Hungary.

Article entitled „Rationality” in a new design magazine „Formy„.

Participation in the event/exhibition entitled „Design night”. Domar Gallery. Wroclaw. Poland.

The statuettes are once again done by the Poorex studio and Pawel Stanclik studio for Lodz Design Festival. Lodz, Poland.

Participation in the exhibition entitled „Bauhaus_intervention#5: show”. Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum. Berlin. Germany.

January 2019
Project Torboschron has first show in special additin to Forum Mocak Magazine.

Participation in the exhibition entitled „Design Resistance”. An exhibition based on the concept of the International Artist of Residence in Debrecen 2018. Modem – Museum of Modern Art in Debrecen. Hungary.

Participation in the exhibition entitled „Ćśśś„, Jedna/Druga Gallery, Szczecin, Poland.

A lecture and presentation on the activity of the design studio Poorex. Modem – Museum of Modern Art in Debrecen. Hungary.

Participation in an artistic residence in Debrecen, Hungary.

The statuettes are once again done by the Poorex studio, but after a slight redesign, this time in a slightly more hybrid form. Lodz, Poland.

The „Polityka” weekly opinion magazine has placed project Spinacz USB (designed by Poorex) in the top 5 of design icons. A subjective though nice award.

Participation in the exhibition entitled „Motherland in Art”. Mocak, Krakow.

Participation in the exhibition entitled „The other side of things”. Polish design after 1989This exhibition surveys the development of Polish design after 1989. It shows how design artists coped with the budding capitalism in the 1990s, what imprint Postmodernism left on their works, how they joined in the international trends in design at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, and how they strive these days for individuality in an attempt to measure up to the competition on foreign markets. The economic efficiency is not always the only determinant of the form of a product. National Museum in Krakow, Poland.

The NMW has something special in store to mark the end of 2017. Starting from 15th December, Polish applied arts will be on permanent display in the Gallery of Polish Design, showcasing the most important pieces from the early 20th century up to the present day. Poorex also shows some projects. NMW, Warszawa, Poland.

17.11.2017 – 14.01.2018
Participation in the Exhibition Zeopolis – design for plants and animals. Poorex presents “Dog Parking”. BWA Design, Wrocław, Poland. more>

Participation in the Exhibition of Polish design „The ABCs of Polish design”. more>
17.11.2017 – 13.12.2017 – School of Form, Poznan, Poland
19.10 – 02.11 – Polish Instytut, Berlin, Germany
28.09 – 15.10.2017 – Muzeum Historii Miasta Budapesztu, Szent György tér 2, Budapeszt
30.06 – 09.07.2017 – Gdynia Design Days

A Lodz Design Festival has appointed studio Poorex to design the statuettes for the Make me! award. Lodz, Poland.

The exhibition of Polish Design presents a selection of works by 30 Polish designers. Concordia Design, Poznan, Poland. M. Žilinsko dailės galerija, Lithuania.

Participation in the Exhibition of Polish design in Seul. Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seul, South Korea.

Exhibition of Polish and Norwegian design. Now in new place: Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, Norway.

BWA Zielona Góra shows exhibition of „Lekcje Designu”, and there You can see Mięsolamp and Antymiś from Poorex collection.

19.08 – 17.09. 2017
Continuation of exhibition „Lekcje Designu”, Gorzów, Poland.
08.12.2017 – 28.01.2018
BWA Tarnów

launching new project: 100% of the norm.

17.12.2016 – 26.03. 2017
Exhibition of Polish and Norwegian design. MCK, Krakow, Poland.

28.11.2016 – 31.01. 2017
Exhibition of Polish Design in Bulgaria, Sophia and Concordia Gallery, Poznan, Poland.

01 – 27.11. 2016
Design Dialogue: Poland Brazil presents photos of Taczkolyska. Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro.

09.09 – 18.11. 2016
Institute of Design Kielce invites you to an exhibition of „Lekcje Designu”, and there You can see Mięsolamp and Antymiś from Poorex collection.

23.09 – 02.10. 2016
Budapest Design Week presents Taczkolyska.
The Poor Toys are presented on Design Festival – Kids Love Design – Poland / India / Iceland.

02.04 – 12.09.2016
XXI International Exhibition – Design After Design. Poorex presents Tripod Furniture Milan, Italy

07 – 10.04.2016
International Art Fair Warsaw 2016.

10 – 20.02.2016
The exhibition of eight artists, designers of graphic, textile and product design. Author of the project Nena Skoko. Belgrade, Serbia.

New book made of Poorex Studio is ready. This publication includes four collection of everyday household objects designed and produced, in greater or smaller series, in 2012-15.

Designbock festival. The Exhibition Polished Up presents contemporary Polish designers. Poorex presents the Tripod Collection. Prague, Czech Rebublic.

Month of Design Ljubljana. Poorex presents the Vice Clocks collection. Lubljana, Slovenia.

Polish Design in the middle of in Jakarta, Indonesia in Dia.Lo.Gue. Gallery, Kemang Section no.4: Selected products and furniture show how experimentation and creativity bring the most unexpected and intriguing solutions. Poorex presents the Poor Toys. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Łódź Design Festival and Must have award for the Vice Clocks Collection. Must have is a poll, where we have showcased the most interesting products by Polish designers and manufacturers over the last four years. Lódź, Poland.

Helsinki Design Week. The exhibition Moderna. Industry + Handicraft presents implemented Polish projects and concepts realized in short series which although they have the same design specification, they differ among each other because such is the characteristic of the material or method of production chosen by the designer. Helsinki. Finland

The same exhibition during Stalowa Wola Design Days. Stalowa Wola. Poland.

The second edition of Art in the Box, an exhibition that takes design to the streets, is to be organised at the Design September festival in Brussels. This year, over 20 Polish designers will present their projects in the Belgian capital. Brussel, Belgium.

Poorex presents the Poor Toys during Let’s Play exhibition as part of Enedue de Festival of Design and Creativity. Concordia Design. Poznan, Poland

Artloop festival in Sopot. Poorex designed a special looped seat. Sopot, Poland.

Opening of exhibition ” Usiądź po polsku”.
Bar Barbara, Wroclaw, Poland.

The Vice Clock Collection is one of 25 projects presented during ‘Design-Business-Profit’ exhibition. DBP is the name of key project conducted by the Institute of Industrial Design from June 2014 to December 2015. Warsow, Poland

The exhibition Polish Design presents a selection of works by 30 Polish designers. Concordia Design, Poznan, Poland.

Polished Up – exhibition. Design from Poland. Institute of Design, Kielce, Poland
And also 27.09-11.11.2014
Polished Up – exhibition. Design from Poland.
Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, Poland

Abstract Hooligans – the exhibition, presents works that ironically play with abstraction. F.A.I.T. Gallery. Krakow, Poland.

+48 Social Club it’s a place which will present to the Japanese public the best Polish graphic design products from recent years, and will also serve to bring closer to them the cultural context in which these products are used. Tokyo, Japan.

„Polska in Between”. The exhibition of contemporary Polish design is to present different fields of manufacture, such as furniture, ceramics, fabrics, and typography. Istanbul, Turkey.

An exhibition of Polish design for children, introducing furniture, accessories and toys for kids will be held at the Izmir Mediterranean Academy. Izmir, Turkey.

The exhibition Polish Design presents a selection of works by 30 Polish designers.Brought together in this way, their projects provide an insight into the potential of Polish design and the mindset of Polish designers. Eindhoven, Holland.

At the invitation of the Designblok Festival in Prague, there was presented a specially prepared for the occasion installation consisting of 20 watches from the Vice Clocks collection. Praha, Czech republic.

For the launch of the Zaprojekowane book (which included also the Poorex studio activities), there were prepared 50 Brusch Car pieces of toys, that hit the hands of selected people along with copies of the catalogue.

Alice: Wonderland Across the Road is presented at the Zachęta’s ground floor. Here the inspiration came from Carroll’s play with scale, perspective and space. Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, Warszawa, Poland.

Poorex, in cooperation with the company producing printers – 3D Kreator – represented Małopolska at the fair in Brussels. Especially for this occasion, there were designed and printed inspiring and practical toys.


P&L undertook a design research project which led to experimental use of wood. The result of work is a series of surprising and functional objects for everyday use. DMY 2014, Berlin. more> Powered by

„Inflatable emblem” as part of scenography during exhibition of polish design. Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy.

The Exhibition ‘Polished Up. Design from Poland’ is a continuation of the ‘Unpolished’ project. During the imm cologne you can visit the new exhibition in hall 1. Cologne, Germany.

The exhibition must have from Poland is now in Hong Kong! Inno Design Tech Expo.

Lecture during „Excess and lack”– conference, ASP Wroclaw, Poland.

Opening of exhibition „Bedzie się dzielo”, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow, Poland.

Participation in Design Lodz Festival, Lodz, Poland.

Talk/presentation – Poorex and Paweł Jasiewicz with Dominik Lisik, Mocak Gallery, Krakow, Poland.

Four years from a successful exhibition celebrating Young Creative Poland, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw) together with Creative Project Foundation bring Polish design back to Brompton Design District. The carefully curated exhibition will feature state-of-the-art Polish design. London, UK.

must have award for The Poor Toys. must have is a vote in which a group of experts, including media representatives and representatives of important design centres in Poland and abroad, has selected the most interesting, attention-worthy projects of Polish design.

Exhibition of Polish Design „Materia Prima”.
Munkeruphus Munkerup strandvej 78, 3120 Dronningmølle, Dania.

Mobile Telescope (Poorex) in Gdynia Design Week. This year, everything what’s local will almost touch what’s the most important and fashionable in Poland and around the world. Gdynia, Poland.

The Poor Toys in Sofia Design Week. International festival for design and visual culture.Sofia, Bulgaria.

What’s for Breakfast? – Design from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia & Georgia. Tibilisi, Georgia.

Poland is the fifth guest country of DMY International Design Festival Berlin. In cooperation with Polish Institute Berlin, the focus presents showcases of over 40 design studios, companies and design schools. Berlin, Germany.

The Poor Toys during the event Creative Kids, ID Insitute of Design, Kielce, Poland

Polska FOLK. Exhibition in a small city Oreszak, next to Trojan in Bulgaria. Organizer: Polish Instytut Sophia, Bulgaria.

Tetris House is ready!. Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, Poland.

Toys made of concrete – running workshop. Faculty of Industrial Design ASP Kraków, Poland.

Paraarchitecture – lecture/presentation.Głośna Club, Poznań, Poland.

Od-ZYSK – recycling, upcycling design. Centrum Kultury Agora, Wrocław, Poland

Opening of Design Shop in BWA Design, Wroclaw.

Pop-Up. Design Between Dimensions, an exhibition presenting the work of artists and designers who are exploring the boundary between the second and third dimensions. Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains (MUDAC) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Common Roots. Design Map of Central Europe. Design Museum Holon

Opening of Lodz Design Festival. First show of The Poor Toys collection. Lodz, Poland.

„po Kapitalizmie” – Lecture/presentation in Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Kraków, Poland

Grass House is ready! Outer Spaces, Poznań.

UNPOLISHED – YOUNG DESIGN FROM POLAND is a project presenting the most interesting works and achievements of young Polish designers and design groups to a wider audience

In the exhibition The Popup Generation, the former director of thee Design Academy Eindhoven presents designers and artists who, in collaboration with industry from the province of Brabant, are doing research into new ways of working and techniques.

Design for Freedom – Freedom in Design Exhibition. Graphic Design in Poland 1981-2011, Berlin, Germany.

Exhibition: „Just a Thing” Stalowa Wola, Poland

Exhibition: „Hide and seek” BWA Tarnów, Poland

Lecture/presentation, Gdynia Design Days, Gdynia, Poland

Opening of individual exhibition „52 Lazy Weeks”, Projekt Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

Opening of exhibition „Close to home”, Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

UNPOLISHED 6 – young design from Poland, Milan, Italy

Lecture/presentation in Arsenal Gallery, Poznań, Poland

Exhibition „Selected Projects „: BWA Zielona Góra, Poland

Opening of exhibition „Hide and seek „: Say “Tag!” and any place on earth will transform into a playground, exhibition in CSW Toruń, Poland

Running workshop „Make your city a better place to live”, Katowice, Poland

Participation in Design Lodz Festival, Lodz, Poland

Opening of exhibition „Body in the library”, Design of furniture, BWA Design, Wroclaw, Poland

Participation in Design Act Festival, Moscow

Participation in exhibition „Ponderabilia”, Poznań, Polska

Participation in Gdynia Design Days Festival,Gdynia, Polska