Our mission is to help families in Haiti have a better quality of life, by covering tuition to help children receive basic education. Also the Foundation provide school supplies and basic hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, etc. I believe together, with your help, we can make a difference in the lives of a few kids in my home country, Haiti.


  • Monetary Donations: every dollar counts.

  • Basic hygiene items: like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes

  • School supplies: notebooks, pen and pencils, backpacks

  • Support Our Fundraising:

  • Spread the word: tell your family and friends.


The Foundation makes it easier for you to help, even if you are unable to make monetary donation. How so?

Right now you and your Family are using personal care and nutritional products, such as shampoo, skin care, soap, vitamin & supplements... How would you feel if each time you purchased such items you could help someone else at the same time? Now you can. Every time you make a purchase in our Health and Wellness Online Store, a percentage of the cost will be donated to the Foundation to help someone else in need... It is that simple! All you need is the desire... “Your small change can change a life”.

If you would like to support our Foundation, just visit "PolyshaWellnessCenter.org see what you and your household can use, then set up a personal account.

This wellness site will not only provide you with nutritional and personal care products, but also health related information, in various format, information that can impact your health.

Remember, each time you make a purchase, a percentage of your order will be donated to the Polysha Foundation.

Any questions, e-mail us at yvesandsharon@gmail.com or send us a text at 347-207-6229

Thank you for your support!

Yves & Sharon