The Foundation was founded by my wife and I, and was inspired by my personal experiences as a young boy growing up in Haiti. Here is a glimpse of my life growing up in Haiti.

My father died when I was four years old, leaving my mother to care for me and my eight siblings. I remember my mom working several tedious jobs to support us and be able to send us to school. Many kids in my neighborhood did not have the same opportunity, because in Haiti just to get a basic education is a privilege that only a few can afford. The public schools are limited to a very few, and the majority are private, which means you have to pay tuition to go to school.

I can remember being sent home from school many, many times, because we were behind in paying the monthly tuition cost. It was a struggle for my mom to keep us in school. I saw first hand parents who gave up, but she persevered. As a result of her perseverance, and the HELP she received from others, my siblings and I were able to finish school. Our family will always be very grateful to everyone who HELPED us along the way. To those thank you is not enough…


In 1992 my older brother and I decided to return the favor that was given to us by helping others less fortunate, through a non-profit Foundation that he founded (Association des amis d’Haiti). Although our resources were limited, we were able to help many families send their children to school. We were also able to help 9 children to travel to Guadaloupe and spend one month with different families in Guadaloupe… That was an exciting experience….

Yes, together “We can make a difference in someone’s life.” Please join us, make our journey yours, and always remember, ”there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”.

Yves & Sharon Polycarpe

The Founders

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