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Common College Questions:

Is it too late to Apply To College and/or FAFSA?

No many 4-year colleges have regular decisions and rolling decision deadlines. In addition, community colleges do accepted applications pretty late in the game. However, I recommend you complete application sooner rather than later.

Can I go to college if my parent does not have a social security number?

Yes you can. You can still apply for college, residency and FAFSA. Check out the resources listed on this website for more details on how the process maybe different for you.

For RDS (Residency) you can use your parents individual tax number instead of a social security number on the form. And you can also use other information such as driver licenses, transcripts, bills from a year ago to prove your residence in NC.


  • You will not be able to make a parent FSA ID. This will mean you won't be able to use the IRS data retrieval tool for your parents tax information and they won't be able to electronically sign.

  • When FAFSA asks for parent socials enter 9 zeros: 000-00-0000

  • At the end when you submit, you will be able to electronically sing but for your parents to sign you will have to print off a signature page have your parent sign that and mail it in to mailing address listed at the bottom of the page.