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  1. For quick questions about the class, please use the email address above. You should us a valid usm.edu email account whenever possible.
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Don't approach these texts like easy-going, casual acquaintances; approach them like cranky, difficult people who you need to get to know to appreciate. You are going to have to read these texts slowly, possibly more than once. You may still not understand them fully.

General principles:

  • Read through the text once, carefully, trying to figure out what it is saying and how.
  • Take notes, underline the words or phrases that caught your attention.
  • Then go back to passages that were difficult, thought provoking, or annoying to see why they seemed so.
  • Be patient, and budget your time appropriately.
  • "Carefully" does not mean you read it over quickly a few minutes before class.


Each theory course is distinctive, but the general structure is similar for all. I generally use a mix of lecture and guided discussion – but with the emphasis squarely on discussion.

  • For this to work, you must have read the assigned text with some care before coming to class.
  • You should be prepared with your own thoughts and reactions (however provisional).
  • You will be best prepared if you write them down and bring them to class.


I take plagiarism and other forms of cheating or academic misconduct extremely seriously. If found to be cheating you may receive a failing grade for the assignment, or for the course as a whole. General guidelines for papers can be found here, along with a statement on plagiarism.

Important University Policies and Resources:


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The University of Southern Mississippi

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All students at the University of Southern Mississippi are expected to demonstrate the highest levels of academic integrity in all that they do. Forms of academic dishonesty include (but are not limited to):

  • Cheating (including copying from others’ work)
  • Plagiarism (representing another person’s words or ideas as your own; failure to properly cite the source of your information, argument, or concepts)
  • Falsification of documents
  • Disclosure of test or other assignment content to another student
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  • Unauthorized academic collaboration with others
  • Conspiracy to engage in academic misconduct

Engaging in any of these behaviors or supporting others who do so will result in academic penalties and/or other sanctions. If a faculty member determines that a student has violated our Academic Integrity Policy, sanctions ranging from resubmission of work to course failure may occur, including the possibility of receiving a grade of “XF” for the course, which will be on the student’s transcript with the notation “Failure due to academic misconduct.” For more details, please see the University’s Academic Integrity Policy: https://www.usm.edu/institutional-policies/policy-acaf-pro-012. Note that repeated acts of academic misconduct will lead to expulsion from the University.


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The University of Southern Mississippi offers a Speaking Center, with consultations available at no cost to all students, faculty, and staff. The center is available for advice on all types of oral communication—formal individual presentations, group presentations, class discussion, class debates, interviews, campus speeches, etc. The center also offers several practice rooms for recording presentations and practicing with delivery aids (PowerPoint and internet access are available). Visit the center in Cook Library 117, call the center at 601-266-4965, or visit the website at www.usm.edu/speakingcenter.

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