Quick Edit Podcasting by @wfryer (14 Sept 2019)

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  1. Create an Audio Podcast on a Smartphone

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  1. Shared Lino Board (share your podcast)
Classroom Podcasting / Radio Shows 101 (April 2018)


Anchor (anchor.fm) is a free app and podcast hosting platform which empowers anyone to create and publish a multi-segment audio podcast with audio bumpers and auto-ducking of background music with narration. We’ll learn and practice how to use Anchor to create, edit and publish podcasts.

Presenter Information

Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) is the Technology Integration and Innovation Specialist and Digital Literacy / Media Literacy teacher at Casady School in Oklahoma City. As a teacher, author, speaker, EdCamp organizer, and digital storyteller, Wes supports innovation, creativity, media literacy, STEM, and engaged learning in schools. More information is available on his bio page.