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How to Check IRCTC PNR Status

To find the current reservation PNR status of your train ticket booked in Indian Railways, just enter the 10 digit PNR Number in the above text box. And click the ‘Get PNR Status’ button. After some time you will redirect to another website and get your result. During the entering the PNR number, just remember that don’t enter the hyphen (-) symbol in the text box. That means this hyphen is not required.

On 16th April 1853, the Indian railway was started in India. It is running under the Ministry of Railways, which is a Government of India based organization. In 1951, Indian Railways was nationalized. It is Asia's largest railway network. And also, it is the second largest railway network in World. The complete operations of Indian railways are managed under single management.

India Railway has the largest track and its length is almost 108,706 km. Every day, India Railways is running almost 11000 trains. One of the best things about India Railways is it runs 7000 passenger trains per day. Its main aim is to serve the passengers with reliability, trust and speed. And In India, Indian railways has 1.54 million work forces, 300 yards, 700 repair shops, 2300 good sheds, 6853 railways stations, 7566 locomotives, 222147 freight wagons and 37840 coaching vehicles.

Verify PNR Status of Passenger

An Indian railway is one of the best passenger travel services in India. It is the leading travel service in India and has given the best services for years. Indian railways provides best services to Indian passengers and those are booking of train tickets, reservation, trains between different stations, live train running status, waiting halls at railways stations, Pay and use toilets at railway stations, drinking water at all railway stations, safety in all trains, reservation is available for all trains, dependable services to passengers, catering services in all railway stations, platforms available in all stations, hygiene services, cleanliness services etc.

One of the main services of India railways is PNR status. This service is used to check the confirmation status of your reservation train ticket. It shows the result of your train ticket. That means, it is confirmed or waitlisted or RAC or etc. PNR status shows the results in fast, accurate and reliable. India Railways is the name that most passengers can trust. And it is the first choice of every passenger in India.

Ways to Check PNR Status

There are different ways to check the pnr status of Indian railways. The quality thinking will always provide the quality results. So it is always the best travel service for every citizen of India. It has the best PNR status tracking tool and no doubt, this tool provides the best result of passenger booking status. And this tool is made with the most advanced and latest technology. By using this quick and secured PNR status tool, everyone can find the latest update on seat confirmation in train.

Indian railways are known for its professionalism and efficiency. The main aim is to deliver the passengers to their destination station from their source station at the right time and safely. The train tickets cost of Indian railways is very cheap and at reasonable rates compared with other travel services in India. All stations of Indian railways are well equipped and they have modern communication systems. Indian railways have the advanced computerized administration.

The passengers are the wealth of Indian railways. It started its journey in India in 1853 and has ended up with top most priority travel services in India and worldwide. It has spread the wings to all parts of India. It is spread to every corner of Indian nation. For the business sector, Indian railways have focused on the goods sector also. The board members of India railways have opened the door for the business sector to increase the more revenue. This helped Indian railways to spread its business everywhere in India.

PNR status always provides successful results. Passengers are giving the appreciation for the PNR status results by Indian railways with great response. Indian railways are expanding their network even in urban areas also, even no other travel agency in India cannot go to that place.

pnr status

Check PNR Status Of Indian Railways

You can book the reservation by train in any railway station across India. You can also book the train tickets through online. Through online, you can book railway tickets on the IRCTC website only. Customers can find the PNR status by using the following methods:

  • PNR is printed on the top left corner of your reservation ticket.

  • In case online booked ticket, PNR number will be mentioned through sms.

  • An E-ticket PNR number will be given in a separate cell.

  • First visit the official website of Indian railways or IRCTC website.

  • Now check the PNR number. It is a 10 digit number.

  • Enter the PNR number in the text box without entering the hyphen.

  • Now press the ‘Get PNR Status’ button.

  • After some time you will get the status of your booked train ticket. That is either confirmation or not.

  • You can also find the status through SMS. Just send PNR <your PNR number> to 139 from your mobile. These services are available on BSNL, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. For example PNR 1928376504.

  • Also send PNR <your PNR number> to 5676747 from your mobile. For example PNR 1928376504.

  • You can also find the PNR status through IRCTC mobile app.

  • If you are facing any problem related to PNR tracking and reservation tickets then get in touch with Indian railways customers care.

Troubleshooting PNR Status

If you did not see any confirmation result, then there may be a high chance that the details are not updated. Usually it may take before 24 hours to travel time of a booked train or wait until the reservation chart is prepared.

Indian railways have developed many tracking tools to provide the accurate PNR tracking results to their passengers. The advantages of Indian railway PNR status are live reports, real time results and seamless integration. The advantages of India railway are convenient, quick travel, best customer care, safe travel, reasonable ticket fare and secured travel etc.

Indian railways have banned some in trains and they are radioactive magnetic material, flammable items, chemicals, machinery parts containing grease, oil, batteries and fuel, gases, military equipment, semi liquid, liquid, firearms explosives, pornographic material, infectious items, corrosives, toxic etc. If any passenger wants to travel with these items, then he has to take permission from the concerned department of Indian railways otherwise he or she will be punishable.

Indian Railways

Indian Railway Services

The best services of Indian railways are given below:

  • Provides the best customer premium services to PNR status.

  • It provides fast services and secure services to passengers.

  • Indian railways provide express services to passengers.

  • 24/7 Indian railways customer care support to passengers.

  • 24/7 Indian railways PNR status through sms or online available to passengers.

  • Express delivery for goods by India railways.

  • India railway fares are most economical and cheap.

  • Last mile travel services across India.

  • Dedicated and professional staff.

  • Economical, accurate and satisfaction systems.

  • Indian railways will provide reliable and fast services to passengers.

About Indian Railways

India railways are dominated and have the best network all over India. The main aim of Indian railways is to deliver the passengers safely to their destination point. The PNR status tool is made with modern and advanced technology by India railways. It provides the best services to Indian passengers like value for money basis, efficiency, trustworthy, reliable and value added services. India railways first choice always is its passengers.

It is a passenger delivery and goods delivery provider in India. In the passenger’s delivery or goods delivery industry, Indian railways have almost 160+ years experience. The board members of India railways are quickly learning how to provide the most relevant and adorable services to their customers.

Indian railways are providing the quick and proficient PNR status services to all Indian passengers. It has one of the best rail networks throughout India. It is always providing unmatched travel services to every passenger. India railways have promised that they take care of every passenger to reach their destination point. It has the rail network and railway stations in every city, districts, towns and villages in India.

Any passenger can reach any part of India by Indian railways. Any passenger can travel in India railways safely, so there is no tension to anyone. It has a world class and efficient travel system. It is flexible and on time service. India railway provides 24 hours pickup and delivery services. It provides the secure delivery of goods through their network across India.

Indian railway services are more responsive to every passenger. It has a very handful PNR status tracking tool to find the confirmation of their reserved tickets. The PNR status confirmation of passenger booked tickets can be found through sms or online. It is the strength of every Indian citizen. It is very useful and friendlier to every Indian citizen.

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