About Us

We are a couple of hard working individuals that had a drive to secure our long term wealth. Those circumstances help us to pursue real estate investing. After Brett read book, after book, we found the Real Estate Investment Network through their magazine that was bought for him as a Christmas gift. We knew that we had found the tools we needed to start and to take us to the top. With their tools we made a move and got our first qualified investment property, and another 9 months after that to got our 2nd with partners. Now the ball is starting to roll faster

Our first purchase was a simple move to help family; we bought a triplex for a family member to move into. We use the one unit for our family and the other two units to cover the costs. We have excellent tenants, made a bit of cashflow, and the confidence gave us the excitement to keep moving forward.

So like most investors out there, we quickly ran out of cash and had no choice but to go ahead and start looking for Joint Venture money or OPM (Other People’s Money). Brett was a big fan and player of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad Cashflow Game. It mimics investing in businesses and real estate that create cashflow. That game allowed us to really see that those who played and wanted to go alone as a lone wolf, never won the game. Those who played and shared their opportunities with others, though that means a smaller piece of the pie and those who were willing to give up money for a piece of an opportunity staring them in the face, were the ones that consistently won the game. Play it a couple times, try playing it both ways and you'll have no choice but to become a believer.

We listen to understand what our partners want from real estate and then find a way to provide it. It could be a young couple looking to buy their first home, individuals looking to raise money for their children(s) education and then leveraging the property for their own retirement, or other reasons but whatever your reason we can help!

Being able to be a part of making a number of peoples retirement and life dreams come true is exciting.

The freedom that real estate will buy is awesome and we have fun helping others reach their dreams and goals without the frustration that many new investors face. We work with different approved real estate agents, finding good quality properties that meet our strict requirements. My team of REALTORS® and I work together every day to make sure we are providing only the best and exactly what we search for when we were in our buying stage. We buy for the long term and that’s what we specialize in.

We believe in working to live, not living to work. We have watched and learned that money has made lifelong happiness for a lot of our friends and family. Money does not buy happiness but it allows you to live the life you choose to live, simplicity at its base that creates happiness. We believe in helping our friends and investors achieve that lifestyle.

To your mad success,

Brett And Amoreena