Real Estate Investing

A lot of things are important when it comes to real estate investing. Too bad we didn’t know about them all when we began. But we know now, and that’s great for our clients. Any investor must know the market, and understand its complexities. Due diligence is always required, because very often things aren’t as they appear. In addition finding the the most desired tenants and avoiding the pitfalls is a corner-stone in finding investment properties that fit. Having strong systems in place is a smart way to ensure all investments will succeed in any market.

Providing Secure Turn Key Income Properties

Do you want to retire with more income? Smart investors know that owning income generating properties is the safest path to create wealth. Despite market ups and downs, in the long term real estate is a safe long term investment

We provide secure turn key income properties in the top housing markets across Ontario. Our properties are affordable, high quality with a track record of success. We strive to ensure your investment experience is profitable, seamless and hassle-free.

We differ from other companies because we offer clients:

Ownership of Property – your name goes on title

Secure Monthly Cash Flows – the tenant pays our mortgage and expenses

Hassle-Free Property Management – we handle the property management to ensure the best possible care of the tenant and property

Affordable – we have income properties in strong markets starting from $185,000.00

Excellent Track Record

Founded in 2015 Bosker Properties is among the most progressive real estate investment groups in Canada. We currently manage Millions worth of real estate.

Want to learn more? Here’s what to do:

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  2. Brett Meadows will personally contact you soon after to answer any of your questions and arrange our first meeting
  3. Once you feel we’re a fit for you, and you are a fit for us we’ll start the process and show you how our income properties can benefit you.

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Five Steps Towards Financial Freedom

Getting started in investment real estate is easier than you think.

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