PLTL: Origins, Research and Practice

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Origins

The Need for Change

The City College Experiment: Establishing the Peer-led Model

Elements of Peer-led Team Learning

Response to PLTL

Early Development of Leader Training and Workshop Materials

Systemic Change: Expanding PLTL Beyond CUNY

The Critical Components

First Published Studies of the Effectiveness of PLTL

National Dissemination of PLTL


Chaper 2: Research

The Purpose of Research

The Original Studies

Types of PLTL

Subsequent Studies

Methodological Discussion

Other types of Studies of PLTL


Chapter 3: Practice

Getting Started with PLTL: A Template for Action

Ideas from Cognitive Science

A Flipped Classroom for PLTL: Appropriate Use of Technology

A Cautionary Note on Theory

Evaluating PLTL Implementations


Early Report on Peer-led Workshops (1994)

Comparative Linear Regression: A Method for the Analysis of Student Data