from October 11 to October 12, 2021


at AIIDE-21

Workshop on Programming Languages and Interactive Entertainment

Programming languages are everywhere in interactive entertainment, often hiding in plain sight – from high-level tools for creating games and generative art, to scripting languages for non-player characters, to level and artifact representation formats, to compilers from high-level designer specifications to runnable code, to game engines driven by language-like rules.

The PLIE workshop aims to bring researchers and practitioners together who work at the intersection of Programming Languages (PL) and Interactive Entertainment, both broadly construed; especially PL methods applied in game- and art-related contexts. The goal is to bring together researchers across communities, i.e. who participate primarily in one of these communities but have an interest in both areas, to identify convergent lines of work and spark new collaborations.

PLIE is part of the AIIDE-21 workshop series. Registration information is available on the AIIDE-21 website.

Important Dates

  • Paper Deadline: August 19 (extended from August 12)

  • Notification: September 16 (extended from September 9)

  • Workshop: October 11-12

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