Professional Learning Bits and Bytes

Laverne Hill, ED.D

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence ~ Abigail Adams

Hi! I am Laverne Hill. I am a Google Certified Educator and a Google Certified Trainer. As an educator of 30 years with experience as a teacher, a Media Specialist, and a technology trainer, my passion is to teach educators how wonderful it can be to incorporate "techy tools" into the classroom to enhance the learning process. We know that technology shouldn't drive instruction; rather, technology should be used to enhance the curriculum. But let's face it, most 21st century learners come well-equipped with a digitally programmed mind which revolves around gadgets, widgets, and technologically-driven wiring in their little futuristic brains. These digital natives crave techy "toys" in their world. As educators, we sometimes struggle with keeping our students engaged because they are such a "hands-on" generation. Please feel free to contact me concerning how we can work together to enhance classroom instruction through the use of GSuite (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) and other Web 2.0 tools. Whether we use Google Apps or YouTube, or choose from a plethora of other Web 2.0 tools, we are surely to come up with awesome activities for your students and create a community of motivated educators who can reach any student in any subject at any time to foster the 4-C's (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity)!

I will also work with Media Specialists to assist them in any way needed. Check out my "On-Site Assistance" page for more details.

Please email me at to discuss how we can work together to create productive, motivated, enthusiastic, and determined students and educators that will take learning to the next level! I look forward to hearing from you!