Place Value Wiki

Place quality and its health, social, economic and environmental value


Place Value Wiki brings together in a ‘raw’ form the range of rigorous research evidence that links the ‘quality’ and design of ‘place’ with the value added in health, social, economic and environmental terms.

As a wiki it is available to all researchers to add (or edit) their evidence in order to create a collective resource. Please contribute. You can find out how to here.

The evidence held in the wiki is available to all to use to help make the case for investing in the quality of place. The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. Please use it.

Prof Matthew Carmona

Wiki Editor

Place Value

To explore the concept of 'Place Value' further, see:

Carmona M (2018) Place value: place quality and its impact on health, social, economic and environmental outcomes, Journal of Urban design,

The Place Value Wiki is a Place Alliance initiative. The team responsible for building it are:

Prof Matthew Carmona

Dr Hooman Foroughmand Araabi

Dr Jeffrey Roberts

Reetuparna Sarkar